You don’t need to puzzle your mind to calculate interest in a mortgage. If you search on the internet then you will find many platforms that provide you with a simple mortgage calculator.

FintechZoom Simple Mortgage Calculator is a very effective & time-saving online tool for those who want to get an idea about their mortgage payment capacity.

Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator

In this article, we will discuss what is mortgage calculator, what is the formula used for mortgage calculation, Pros. & Cons. of using a mortgage calculator.

What is FintechZoom Mortgage Calculator

It is an online calculator that is available on the internet, you just need to insert input like mortgage amount, interest rate, tenure of loan(like 10 years, 20 years, etc.), down payment(if applicable) in the calculator, then it will give you the output like total interest to be paid in the whole period of the mortgage, monthly interest, and total sum up of amount that you paid in whole loan cycle all these things are same.

The formula for calculating Mortgage Interest

mortgage formula

Pros. & Cons. of using Mortgage Calculator


1. You don’t need to go inside the mathematics of interest calculation. The calculation of interest in a mortgage is not so easy because it depends on many factors like principal, interest, and tenure of loan, all these things make this calculation so much pummeling.

2. No fear of calculation error. If your input in the calculator is correct then there is no chance of a wrong result.

3. It gives always a fast result as compared to manual calculation. It is common sense computers always do faster tasks as compared to humans.

4. Ease of access, It is very easy to use these calculators you just need an internet connection and then you can access it from a mobile, PC, or any other device.

5. Free, You don’t need to pay any amount for using these calculators these are free.


There is only one disadvantage of using these mortgage calculators you can’t completely depend on these calculators for making any decision to take loans because it does not consider the taxes on land, and any other criteria. The best use of this calculator is to take an idea of mortgage interest.

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The Conclusion Point

The FintechZoom Mortgage Calculator is presented as a convenient and efficient online tool for individuals seeking to estimate their mortgage payment capacity.

The article emphasizes the benefits of using such calculators, including the avoidance of complex mathematical calculations, reduced risk of calculation errors, quick results, ease of access, and cost-effectiveness.

The article also acknowledges a key limitation, which is that these calculators do not account for all factors, such as taxes on land, potentially affecting loan decision-making.

Despite this limitation, the article suggests that the primary utility of the calculator is to provide users with a general understanding of mortgage interest, rather than serving as the sole basis for making loan-related decisions.

FAQs on FintechZoom Mortgage Calculator

What is a mortgage calculator and how does it work?

Explanation of what a mortgage calculator is and how it takes input values like mortgage amount, interest rate, tenure, and potential down payment, to provide essential mortgage information.

Why should I use the FintechZoom Mortgage Calculator?

Reasons for using FintechZoom Mortgage Calculator, emphasizing its effectiveness and time-saving benefits in helping users estimate their mortgage payment capacity.

What formula is used to calculate mortgage interest?

Explanation of the formula used for mortgage interest calculation, breaking down how principal, interest rate, and loan tenure are involved in determining the interest paid over the loan term.

What are the advantages of using a mortgage calculator?

Highlighting the pros of utilizing a mortgage calculator, including avoiding complex mathematical calculations, ensuring accurate results, speed, ease of access, and the cost-free nature of these tools.

Are mortgage calculators error-proof?

Addressing the accuracy of mortgage calculators, clarifying that accurate input is crucial, and explaining why there’s minimal chance of errors if inputs are correct.

Can a mortgage calculator be relied upon for major financial decisions?

Exploring the limitations of mortgage calculators, particularly in relation to factors like land taxes and other criteria, and advising readers on the appropriate use of these tools for decision-making.

What is the recommended use of a mortgage calculator?

Providing guidance on the most suitable scenarios for utilizing a mortgage calculator, such as getting an estimate of mortgage interest, and explaining when it’s advisable to seek additional financial advice.