Getting some mysterious charges on your credit card with the name of “SP Skims”. No need to be surprised Most people are getting these types of charges on their credit cards and bank statements. This guide will help you to resolve charges on your credit card and how you can manage these charges.

According to data 166 million of USA people are using credit cards. Most people are using a credit card on a different basis so getting some unknown and unrecognized charges can be very common. We are going to deep dive into SP Skims charge on credit card.

The Charges are mostly related to the brand skims.

What is Zimstreams Charge on Credit Card?

What is SP Skims charge on credit card?

As I already told you, SP Skims likely referred to the Skims brand popular brand founded by Kim Kardashian that offers shapewear, long, wear, and underwear. The SP is most likely a prefix that donates a secure payment processing by the online retailer that is handling any type of transaction.

Reasons Behind SP Skims Charge on Credit Card.

SP Skims charge on credit card

Online purchase:- SP Skims sells different types of undergarments if you buy anything from the online website, then there are chances that you might be getting charged with the name of SP Skims charge on credit card.

Subscription:- If Skims offers any kind of subscription feels like membership of exclusive services, or recurring product delivery maybe if you have a sub subscription, then you get some of your products.

Order by others:- that may be the sum of another order by using our credit card product. You should verify where your credit card is. May some of your family members use your credit card without knowing you.

SP Skims Charge on Credit Card Legit?

The website is legit. This website is owned by the popular US celebrity Kim Kardashian. The skims website has 2.1 million monthly visitors so the website could not be a scam.

There are the chances that your credit card information may be hacked. Maybe someone else is using a credit card.

Contact Details for Skims

For any inquiries or assistance regarding SP Skims charges on your credit card, Skims provides several convenient contact options to help resolve your concerns promptly. You can reach out to their customer support team via various channels.

  • Text SKIMS to 68805 to never miss a drop!
  • Live Chat -Need help? Contact us via live chat every day of the week 9 am-5 pm PST.
  • Call -747-777-5467.
  • E-MAIL :-

How to Manage SP Skims Charge on Credit Card?

Recognize that these charges are unknown and unrecognized which is not done by you. It means your credit card has been hacked and someone else is using your credit card.

So just call your credit card provider and the bank first blocks your credit card. Then you can start an inquiry about your Unknown transaction regarding the SP Skims charge on credit card.

Firstly, try to remember and memorize. Try to remember that where use your credit card.

If you recognize it, then there is no problem. but if you can’t recognize your charge, then the best way is to contact customer care service. They will help you with your order ID and your issue.

Not able to resolve your problem then you can contact your bank and credit card provider they will help you to resolve your credit card charges.

Because the bank and credit card provider have a process to dispute your charges, so they will help you to dispute these charges.

Final word

We explained some possible reasons regarding SPK charges on your credit card. In this case better to try to analyze where I use my credit card.

If not, then simply contact your bank or credit card provider or you can contact the customer care of the scheme so they will help you to analyze your charges.

Bank and credit card providers have more information than you will help you to analyze the charges and also they can reverse the charges


What are SP Skims Charges on Credit cards?

SP skims are mostly related to skim brands that sell different types of innerwear.

How can I recognize SP Skims charges on my credit card statement?

SP Skims charges on your credit card statement typically appear as “SP Skims” or a similar variation. You may see these charges in association with purchases from the Skims brand, known for its range of shapewear, loungewear, and undergarments.