Do you are charged by Amaze holding company credit cards?

Recently Amaze Holdings company launched credit cards, and Amaze holding credit cards becoming more popular around the globe.

Amaze holding company credit card offers more features and benefits. Amaze has credit card offers cashback offers on, purchases, extended warranty, and Travel insurance.

How to Apply for an Amaze Holding Credit Card

You can apply for Amaze holding a credit card online mode through “” or instarem application.

To obtain the amazing card, you must have a registered and authorized Instarem account.

Create an account on instarem application and register yourself. To register on instarem you need to provide your personal information and supporting documents such as government ID proof.

After registration and verification, you can apply for an Amaze holding credit card. Amaze holding credit cards offers virtual and physical credit cards.

If you need a physical credit card you can request it on the application.

How to apply For a Physical Amaze credit card

You can activate your actual card via the Amaze app once you’ve received it by mail.

  • Either use the dashboard or the card icon in the lower right corner to access the amazing page.
  • Tap on Activate Card.
  • Position the Card Pin.

Please be aware that you can start making purchases online even before your physical card shows up.

Benefits of Amaze Holding Credit Card

Let’s get a quick overview to what are advantages of Amaze holding a credit card.

Cashback Offers: This credit card will provide you with 5% cash back if you use it to pay for food, transport, and entertainment. For your daily expenses, this credit card will therefore be a lifesaver.

Travel Benefits: Travel insurance is required whether you travel overseas for pleasure or business, and this credit card does provide it. Your travel emergencies will be assisted by this insurance. And since you’ll always be safe when you’re on the road, you can unwind and enjoy yourself.

Extended Guarantee: When you use this Amaze Holding Credit Card to make a purchase, certain products come with an extended guarantee. Additionally, this will give you more security when making purchases.

Special VIP Services: If you choose to use the Amaze Holding Credit Card, you will benefit from exclusive VIP services including access to airport lounges and a priority pass for airline check-in and boarding.

Mobile App for Online Access: The Amaze Holding Credit Card also debuted a mobile app and a dedicated portal. As a result, it’s simple for you to monitor your transactions and access a variety of services. You may pay your utility bills, view your balance and transaction history, and more.

Features of Amaze holding Credit Card

Amaze holding credit cards is popular, because of its features. This credit card offers various features such as Easy payments, Secure, and a high credit limit.

Easy Payments: This credit card uses advanced technology that allows contactless payment. Contactless Payment makes it faster and easier to use.

Advancement in Card Chip: This credit card has chip technology that makes your transactions more secure. It protects your card from fraud and keeps it safe from unauthorized access.

Flexible Payments: It allows you to pay your bills at EMI or in small installations.

Higher Credit Limit: If you need more money on your credit card, you can ask Amaze Holding Company to increase your limit. They’ll check if you’re eligible and then raise your limit if you qualify.

Get Rewards Easily: You can easily use your reward points through a mobile app or Amaze Company’s website.

Free Credit Score Check: With the Amaze Credit Card, you can easily check your credit score. This helps you maintain a good credit score.

Customer Support: Customer support is available 24/7. If you have any problems you can connect with Amaze holding credit card customer support.

Amaze Holding Credit Card Limit

The most you can spend using the associated Mastercard is:

  • The lowest of SGD 50,000 per transaction or the credit limit of the associated bank card.
  • The maximum amount you can spend with an amazing wallet:
  • Daily: as per the Instarem app’s instructions.
  • 30,000 SGD each year, on average.

Amaze Holding Credit Card Fees

Using the amazing card to make foreign currency transactions costs no yearly transaction fees. However, some domestic (SGD) transaction types are subject to a cost of 2% of the transaction value, with a minimum fee of SGD 0.50.

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Amaze Holding Credit Card Charge: What to Do?

You should take the following actions if you discover a charge from “Amaze Holding” on your credit card account that you don’t recognize or the charge is incorrect

Verify the Charge: Make sure this payment is not done by you on which you are charged.

Contact Amaze Holding Support: Contact customer support or online support of Amaze holding credit card. You can share your concerns with their support.

Contact your bank: If Amaze Holding doesn’t offer a justification or if you think the charge is fraudulent, get in touch with your bank right away. Most banks and credit card issuers have a defined procedure for settling disputes. Follow their guidelines for submitting a dispute after reporting the unauthorized or inaccurate charge.

Take Securities Measures: You might wish to take additional security precautions if you think the charge is the product of credit card fraud. For instance, you can switch on two-factor verification for online transactions or ask for a new credit card number.

Keep Following Up: It may take some time for disputes to be addressed, so keep following up with Amaze Holding and your credit card company until the issue is resolved.

Keep track of everything Keep thorough records of all communications throughout the procedure, including call dates and times, names of customer service agents you dealt with, email exchanges, and any pertinent reference numbers.

Keep in mind that when it comes to dealing with unauthorized or inaccurate purchases on your credit card, acting swiftly is crucial.

In the event of billing problems, including fraudulent charges, consumers in the US are given certain rights and protections under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA). Nevertheless, depending on your region and credit card company, the precise steps could change.

By this, you can stop fraud against you. This can save you money. Change all passwords and Pins of Credit cards. Never share your card details CVV, or OTP with anyone.

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The Conclusion Point

Finally, Amaze Holding Company Credit Card Charges may significantly affect your financial situation. To comprehend the charges and interest rates connected to your account, it’s crucial to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement.

You may successfully manage your credit card costs and preserve a sound financial situation by paying your bills on time, keeping an eye on your spending, and avoiding pointless fees.

Contact your credit card provider for assistance if you have any queries or worries regarding any charges made on your Amaze Holding Company credit card.

FAQs on Amaze Holding Credit Card

Is Amaze Holding Offering Credit Cards?

Yes, you heard right Amaze holding company offers credit cards with amazing features and benefits.

Is it can combine more debit and credit cards into 1 card?

Yes, You heard right you can combine up to 5 of your Singapore-issued Mastercard debit and credit cards into one.

Can I use a Visa on my Amaze card?

Yes, You can use Visa on your Amaze card.