Have you noticed a Bambora Internet psp charge on credit card on your statement? If yes, then stay with us we will understand this charge. Our team has researched online about this charge and collected information to help you out.

Bambora Internet PSP Charge on Credit Card Statement

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What is Bambora Internet psp 

Bambora Internet PSP stands for Bambora (now Worldline) Payment Service Provider. In simpler terms, it’s a company that helps businesses accept online payments securely. So they are the mediator between payment. 

Bambora (now Worldline): This is the company that provides the payment processing service. They were acquired by Worldline in 2020.

Payment Service Provider (PSP): This refers to a company that acts as a middleman between businesses and credit card networks. They handle the secure authorization, processing, and settlement of electronic payments.

What is Bambora Internet psp Charge on Credit Card

They act as the middleman between businesses and credit card networks, processing online payments securely. So, if you recently made an online purchase from a website that uses Bambora for payment processing, the “Bambora Internet PSP” charge on your statement reflects that transaction.

So many business, Online and offline stores, and Educational Institutions can use their payment solutions. 

As now you know Bambora Internet psp is a Payment processing company and the charge that appears on your credit card statement is due to a payment you have made to the merchant or offline store or a website that uses Bambora Internet psp as a payment processor. 

They provide a secure online payment solution to businesses and individuals.

Reasons Behind the Bambora Internet psp charge on credit card

There could be a possible reason behind the charge appearing on your credit card with the description Bambora Internet psp. Let’s Explore one by one 

There’s only one main reason behind a Bambora Internet PSP charge on your credit card statement: you made a successful online purchase from a website that uses Bambora’s payment processing services.

You make a purchase online: You find a product or service on a website and proceed to checkout.

Bambora Internet PSP Charge on Credit Card

Payment processing: During checkout, you enter your credit card details. The website uses Bambora’s PSP service.

Secure authorization: Bambora securely transmits your card information to the relevant credit card network (e.g., Visa, Mastercard) for authorization.

Funds transfer: If authorized, the credit card network transfers the funds to the merchant’s account.

Statement reflection: Your credit card statement reflects the charge, likely mentioning “Bambora Internet PSP” or a similar variation.

Therefore, the Bambora Internet PSP charge itself isn’t a cause for concern. It simply indicates a successful online transaction processed through their secure system.

It is Legitimate?

Absolutely! Bambora (now part of Worldline) is a well-established company you can trust. Charges labeled “Bambora Internet PSP” are typically legitimate, and they prioritize the security of your financial information.

What to Do If You Don’t Recognize  Bambora Internet psp  Charge

In the case of not recognizing it is better to contact customer support of your bank or Bambora Internet Support to clarify it.

  • Contact the merchant: The business you purchased from might be able to clarify the charge.
  • Don’t recognize the purchase: Review your emails for order confirmations or contact the merchant directly for clarification.
  • Dispute the charge (if fraudulent): If you suspect fraud, contact your credit card issuer to initiate a chargeback.


Is Bambora a Legitimate company?

Yes, Bambora (now Worldline) is a reputable payment processing company.

Is the Bambora Internet PSP Charge on Credit Card legit?

Yes, the charge is likely legitimate if you recently made an online purchase.

Do we have to worry about this charge?

No, the charge itself isn’t a cause for concern. However, if you don’t recognize it, follow the steps mentioned above.

What does PSP stands for ?

PSP stands for Payment Service Provider.