Did you notice a charge on your credit card with the description “Elevate Jewels” or “Elevate Jewls” or some similar words to Elevate Jewels? Don’t panic you will get detailed information in this article.

There are numerous reports that people are charged on their credit cards by Elevate Jewels. In this article, you will get to know why they charged and whether this charge is legit on your credit card or not.

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What is Elevate Jewels and Elevate Jewls

Elevate Jewels is an online jewelry-selling company. They offer a wide range of jewelry including rings, Neckless, bracelets, earrings, and anklets. They have a special collection for moms with the “mama collection” names.

We have found a similar company with the name “Elevate Jewls”. The first movement when you hear both companies sound similar but the key difference is in their brand spelling name. Both Companies mentioned on their website that they are different from each other.

However, they are offering almost the same products.

Our Finlcash team found another store with the name “ElevateJewelsStore“. This store is not located in the USA.  An Etsy shop in Melbourne, Australia that sells similar products.

Elevate Jewels and Elevate Jewls Company Details

Comapny Website
Elevate Jewelshttps://www.elevatejewels.co
Elevate Jewlshttps://elevatejewls.co/

What is Elevate Jewels Charge on Credit Card

If you purchased any item like earrings or neckless, bracelets item from Elevate Jewels. The charge can appear on your credit card statement. They ship products only in the US within 3 working business days.

If you see the charge on your credit card with the description “Elevatejewls. co“This means you purchased something from the “elevatejewls. co“. This can also happen when your family member uses your credit card on their website for any purchase or a surprise gift.

When we scroll through social media, see an ad, like a product, visit the website, and make a quick purchase, we may later forget what we bought. This can happen due to the speed and ease of the process. Try to recall from which online store you used your credit card.

So make sure from which company you have received the charge on your credit card statement. Check your online purchase history. If you find that you have purchased any kind of jewelry from them then contact the respective website at their Contact Us page.

But if you have not purchased and just wishlist item in your account. Make sure from which company you have received the charge description because all three company names are similar but the spelling of the three brands are different so make sure from which brand you have received a charge on your credit card and contact them.

What to do if this charge is not authorized by you

The digital era has streamlined shopping, making it simpler than ever. Verify every purchase on your credit card statement.

Sometimes, you might notice small, unexplained transactions on your credit card, even if you haven’t made any online purchases from these jewelry stores. This could be a sign of scammers testing your card’s activity. If they find it’s active, they may attempt larger transactions later. It’s a good idea to keep a close watch on your credit card statements, review each one, and make sure everything matches up

If you spot unauthorized transactions, it’s important to report this fraud to your bank or credit card issuer. You can also report it to the Federal Trade Commission, which can take action against the business involved.

Reporting any fraud on your credit card statement to your bank or credit card issuer is the most important and first step you have to follow in the case of unauthorized charges.


In this article, you get all the information about “Elevate Jewels“.With these names, we found 2 companies but the key difference is their spelling. You also discovered in the article how to deal with these charges and if these are unauthorized charges what to do. Hope that you liked our article.