Have you noticed a puzzling “CallMeGlobal” charge on your credit card statement? You’re not alone. This article will help you decipher what this charge might be and how to handle it.

Many people, especially those who use Chase Bank, have shared information on the internet that they saw a $30 charge from CallMeGlobal on their credit cards. They didn’t expect this charge, and they are worried because they didn’t permit it. A few users even got charged $30 two times on their bank cards.

CallMeGlobal is a popular international calling service that allows individuals to make low-cost or free calls to various countries using their smartphones or landlines.

Credit Cards

While the service offers convenience and affordability, it is not uncommon for users to notice charges from CallMeGlobal on their credit card or debit statements that they may not initially recognize.

In this article, we will delve into understanding CallMeGlobal charges on your credit card/debit card statement and shed light on what to do if you see a charge on your credit card.

What is CallMeGllobal

CallMeGlobal is a service that lets people make international calls using their phones. It offers cost-effective options for connecting globally, but users might sometimes see charges on their credit cards due to factors like service fees, call rates, and subscription plans.

CallMeGlobal likely refers to a service facilitating international calling. Here are some possibilities:

  • Virtual Phone Number Provider: CallMeGlobal might offer virtual phone numbers with international prefixes. These numbers allow you to receive calls at lower rates compared to traditional international roaming charges.
  • International Calling Card Provider: Perhaps you purchased a CallMeGlobal calling card, which offers discounted international calling rates compared to your phone plan.
  • International Call Forwarding Service: CallMeGlobal might provide a service that redirects your calls to another number, potentially an international one.

What is CallMeGlobal Charge on Credit Card

Many users have reported a $30 charge appearing on their credit or debit card statements. While some of these users are indeed subscribers of CallMeGlobal’s service, others who have no association with the service view this charge as a potential fraud.

If you find yourself certain that this charge has not been authorized by you, it is advisable to promptly lock your card to prevent any further unauthorized transactions. Taking swift action in such instances is crucial to safeguard your financial security.

Let us find out what are the reasons for charges on CallMeGlobal.

Reasons Behind CallMeGlobal Charges on Credit Cards

If you used CallMeglobal products it might be due to the following reasons.

  • Service Activation Fees
  • Call Rates and Usage Charges
  • Subscription Plans
  • Additional Features and Services

But we have not found any website of “CallMeGlobal” So it might be a fraud or scam with you. Report to your bank and file a Complaint on Better Business Bureau(BBB)

You Used the Service: If you signed up for a CallMeGlobal virtual number, purchased a calling card, or subscribed to their call forwarding service, the charge reflects the cost of the plan or the calls you made.

Someone You Know Used It: Did you share your CallMeGlobal credentials with someone (intentionally or unintentionally)? If so, they might have used it for international calls, leading to the charge on your card.

Unauthorized Activity: In rare cases, the charge could be fraudulent, with someone using your card details for CallMeGlobal services without your knowledge.

What to Do if I am charged $30 on my Credit Card?

To better understand the charges from CallMeGlobal on your credit card statement, it is important to review your statements regularly.

Identify any unfamiliar charges and cross-reference them with your CallMeGlobal account activity.

If you believe there is an error or unauthorized charge, contact CallMeGlobal’s customer support to resolve the issue. Contact your bank and if you find out this charge is fraud then cancel your card.

Every day scammers use different techniques to fraud people it’s our responsibility to identify how scammers scam us and stay safe from scams.

The Conclusion Point

If you find that charges are not authorized by you then immediately report to your credit card issuers. Report to your bank and cancel your credit card. Apply for cancellation of your credit card.

FAQs on CallMeGlobal charge on credit card

Why do I see charges from CallMeGlobal on my credit card?

You might see these charges for a few reasons. There could be fees to activate the service, charges for the calls you made, subscription plans, extra features, or fees for using your credit card in a different currency.

What are service activation fees?

When you start using CallMeGlobal, you might need to pay a fee to set up your account. This is like a one-time payment to get things started.

What are subscription plans?

CallMeGlobal offers plans for people who call a lot. You pay a fee every month or year, and you get lower prices for your calls. This fee will show up on your credit card statement.

What are currency conversion and transaction fees?

if your money is in a different currency than CallMeGlobal’s prices, your bank might charge you to convert it. Also, some banks add a fee when you use your card for international stuff. These fees can make your CallMeGlobal charges higher.