In recent years there has been a rise in online selling brands. Many offline retailers now are selling online from their websites or their mobile applications.

Some retailers sell online with huge discounts of up to 50-70%.

At this discounted price a question that arises in our mind is whether all brands selling products are genuine or scams.

In online shopping, there are a lot of chances of scams that can happen to us.

Pacsun also offers unbelievably low prices on clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Pacsun and address the question of whether it is a legitimate company.

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What is Pacsun

Pacsun is a retailer that sells a variety of clothing and apparel for Women, Men, and kids.

They offer a trendy style with huge discounted prices.

Pacsun Store

Pacsun was started in 1980 in Newport Beach, California.

In the initial stages of the company it sold swimwear and beachwear and later it expanded to a wide variety of clothing segments.

Pacsun’s targeted audience is adults and teens however it sells its clothing and apparel to every age men, women, and kids.

Is Pacsun Legit?

Yes, Pacsun is a legitimate company with more than 300 retail stores in the United States.

Pacsun has been doing business for the last 40 years. It is listed on NASDAQ for trading with the name Pacific Sunwear of California Inc (PSUNQ).

Pacsun brand started with the name “Pacific Sunwear”.They rebranded to Pacsun in 2006 to reflect the evolving youth culture.

Is Pacsun Cheap

Pacsun is known for its price affordability in the market. This brand offers you the most discounted-priced products.

Their product prices are similar to other competitors but not the cheapest ones you can get many discounts on items of clothing, and apparel that make it more affordable.

You can order from their website and can get a maximum discount of up to 50-70%. While ordering a product you have to pay product charges and delivery charges.

Reviews of Pacsun

We have gone through a maximum number of user reviews about Pacsun on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and more websites.

We have found that overall reviews are negative for online purchases because most users are not happy with customer support and delivery of products.

Some users mentioned they ordered online but have not received all the items some of the products are missing.

They found the issue in replacing and returning an ordered item.

On Trustpilot, PacSun has a 1.4 rating out of 5 with a total of 601 reviews. 87% of users rated 1 star to Pacsun while only 3% rated 5 stars and they are happy with the service and product quality.

On Sitejabber, Pacsun has 306 reviews more than 206 users rated 1 star, and only 20 users rated 5 stars.

Overall, Pacsun has a negative rating online because of service and delivery-related issues.

Some users also are happy when they have seen negative reviews and tested out and they have got good services.

Is Buying from Pacsun Worth It?

When you look at the online reviews of Pacsun.

Do you think that it is worth buying from Pacsun or not?

Some users are happy with the products and they do have not any issues ordering online.

If you are not comfortable buying online then you can go to the Offline stores of Pacsun. There will be no delivery issues.

Some users are not happy with the delivery and return process. You can try Pacsun for a small shopping If satisfied after that order more stylish and trendy items of clothing.


Pacsun is a legitimate company. While the majority of reviews are negative.

This brand is known for its huge discounts on products.

You can check out Pacsun retailer’s stores. What do you think about Pacsun share your opinion in the comment section with us.