Are you looking for the details “Certus Airvac service credit card charge“.

In this article, we will find out why the Certus Airvac service credit card charge is appearing on your credit card.

While going on a trip or going to work you may sometimes use air vending machines. You cannot remember the air vending company name. “Certus Airvac ” is an air vending company.

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What is Certus Airvac Service

Certus Airvac is short form of “Certus Air Vending”. Certus Air Vending is a division of Certus manufacturing. Certus Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of inflation types of equipment.

Bobert started Air Resources Vending Inc(ARV) in 2010 and in 2015 was acquired by Ccertus MFG. Cerus MFG has a good track in Air vending equipment.

Certus Air vending machines are located in gas stations and high-traffic roads.

Its machines are easy to use, reliable, and affordable prices.

Certus Airvac Charge on Credit card

Certus Airvac is legit ?

Yes, Certus Airvac which is Certus Air Vending a division of Certus MFG which is a legitimate and reputable company.

How to Contact Certus Airvac

You can contact Certus Airvac by visiting their official website.

Why is Certus Airvac Charge Appearing on My Credit Card?

As we understood about the company and services provided by the company.

The possible reason behind the charge is that you used the tire inflation service of “Certus” Company.

Its air vending machine accepts all credit cards, Debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

So it’s possible when you’re driving your car to go somewhere. You used the air vending machine and cannot remember the gas station where you used the credit card.

That’s why you are facing trouble when you see a credit card charge from Certus Airvac.

Ask your family members if they used your credit card for any tire inflation services at any gas stations.

However, if you did not use your credit card at any gas station for Tire inflation service it can be due to that someone else used your credit card.

How to Verify Certus Airvac Charge is Legit or Not?

Checking your credit card statement is a good habit.

It’s important to check your credit card statement each month to make sure that the charges that appear on your credit card are for purchases you made.

If you see a charge from “Certus Airvac” or cannot recognize when you used its service then contact your credit card provider.

They will provide you with more details about the charge date and time. Your credit card can also help to locate the location of the Air Vending machine where you used your credit card.

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In summary, Certus Airvac operates air vending machines that many people use for tire inflation while traveling.

Their charges on your statement likely indicate you used their service.

If you see an unfamiliar Certus Airvac charge, check with your credit card provider to verify the details and determine the next steps.

Keeping a close eye on all statement activity can help identify any fraudulent charges.

If you have another question related to the charge or want to share your personal experiences you can share it in the comment section.