Looking for the review of whatnot? Are you trying to find out the answer “Is whatnot legit? It is safe to buy from the whatnot? Have you got a charge on the credit card with the decsri[ptiom of “WhatNot”? If yes don’t worry we are here to uncover everything about the WhatNot.

We have gone through various platforms such as Trustpilot, Reddit, quora, and other social media platforms to find the exact customer reviews for you.

At this time online shopping is evolving. Some E-commerce giants changed the way we shop traditionally. Now in the market, some apps take another angel of live-streaming videos for shopping.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about Whatnot before becoming a seller or a buyer.

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What is Whatnot?

Whatnot is an online marketplace for sellers and buyers. At Whatnot you can sell and buy clothes, handbags, toys, trading cards, Art, and other products.

Whatnot company was founded in 2019 by Grant LaFontaine. At now the company Whatnot is valued at $3.7B and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, YC Continuity, and CapitalG.

How Whatnot Operates

Ever wish you could snag cool stuff at an auction, but without all the fancy suits and raised paddles? Enter Whatnot!

This app takes the thrill of live auctions and puts it right on your phone. Instead of stuffy auction houses, you’ll be watching live streams from people selling everything from rare trading cards to your favorite childhood toys. But is it legit, and can you score awesome finds? Keep reading to find out!

Before going to review the company let us understand the workings of whatnot. As we already shared whatnot is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell products.

The seller goes live in the app and talks about their products. You can join any live seller stream and buy the product. After placing an order you will get your products delivered by USPS or Canada Post.

Credit: Whatnot

What you can sell on Whatnot

Whatnot app developers promise they have 50+ categories and you can sell any art and collection.

Here is a detailed list of products that can be sold on whatnot.

  • Trading Card GamesJ
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Video Games
  • Antiques, Vintage & Ephemera
  • Sports Equipment
  • Kawaii
  • Food & Drink
  • Rocks & Crystals
  • Disneyana
  • Sports Cards
  • Comics & Manga
  • Coins & Money
  • Estate Sales & Storage Units
  • Arts & Handmade
  • Electronics
  • Action Figures
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Sneakers & Streetwear
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Bags & Accessories

How you can buy on Whatnot

Buying on Whatnot is simple. if you liked the product click on buy now while watching the live stream of the seller.

You can also “make an offer” for the product. You can’t return a product that you have bought from the whatnot. Note that the offer you made to the seller will expire within 30 days of making an offer.

Is Whatnot Legit?

We conducted online research to check the legitimacy of whatnot.

We have found the online presence of whatnot company. But note that a company’s online presence doesn’t mean a legitimate company.

We have checked whatnot the company’s LinkedIn profile they have 26,463 followers on LinkedIn. Whatnot’s registered office is in Los Angeles, California 90292, US.

So we are concluding that Whatnot is a legit company. However legit company doesn’t mean that they are the best and you will get a good product. The quality of products depends on how the seller maintains product quality.

Is it safe to buy on Whatnot?

Yes, buying from the app is safe. They verify every seller before they start selling. Whatnot Verification includes every single detail from the seller so they can only have genuine products.

However, it can happen that the quality of the product that you are thinking of is not up to mark. Let’s check out the reviews of Whatnot.

Whatnot Reviews.

On Trustpilot, Whatnot does not have a good rating. Whatnot got 2.7 out of 5 with total reviews of 158. On Trustpilot, 59% of users reported one star to whatnot services. Some users are not happy with the tracking of ordered items.

Whatnot has 77 reviews on BBB and they got a 2.27 rating out of 5. Which is poor for a business. To buy a product you have to watch live there is no option for refund and return of item.

Overall reviews of whatnot are negative but that doesn’t mean they have not got any positive reviews. At this moment Whatnot is not as popular as other marketplace.


Whatnot is a legit company. you can buy and sell your products in the live streams. However, this app does not have good reviews. Whatnot is like a virtual treasure hunt meets a live auction! It’s a unique way to score collectibles, but remember there’s no turning back once you win a bid.


Who owns Whatnot?

Grant LaFontaine is the founder of Whatnot.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering on the Whatnot app.

Can I get a refund?

No, Whatnot doesn’t offer any return or refund for the product

Is it safe to buy on Whatnot?

Yes, It is safe to buy.