Have you noticed a charge on your credit card statement with the description ‘Netivox’? If so, this article is just for you. Read the full article to get all information about the charge.

We have found that many people reported a certain amount of charge on their credit card.

What is Netivox?

Netivox is a website with the registered address at Sekme Entertainment, 7380 West Sand Lake Road, Doctor Phillips 500, Orlando. FL. US 32819.

It offers subscriptions to users. You can visit their Official website.

Sekme Entertainment is an Entertainment company registered in Florida.

Netivox.com is a trademark of Sekme Entertainment.

In our investigation, we have found that Sekme Entertainment is a versatile video production and marketing company.

They offer services such as video production, marketing, social media management, web design, graphic design, photography, aerial photography, drone videography, 360-degree video, and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) video production.

Company Name Netivox
Official Website https://netivox.com/
Address Sekme Entertainment, 7380 West Sand Lake Road, Doctor Phillips 500, Orlando. FL. US 32819
Phone Number.866-860-0546

What is Netivox charge on credit card?

If you have a charge on your credit card with the description of “Netivox’ that means you purchased a subscription plan from “Netivox”.

Another reason behind this charge is that You have subscribed to or made a purchase from one of “Neticox” partner merchants.

For that merchant they provide Customer Service if you see a direct debit from netivox.com on your bank statement.

As mentioned on the Netivox website you are not their direct customer but rather a partner site’s customer who uses its digital services and customer support.

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However, you must verify with your bank.

A user reported that she was charged $44.99 amount.

So make sure this charge is legit or not.

In the case when you aren’t using any services provided by “Netivox” Then take immediate action against this charge.

It is advisable if you cannot recognize a charge contact your credit card issuer they can guide you more for the specific charge.

How to Check Legitmatcy of “Netivox” charge

Here are some simple steps to verify a charge’s legitimacy.

  • Download your credit card statement.
  • Look for uncertain charge amount, date, and merchant.
  • Check your purchase history and match it with the credit card statement.
  • However, the amount of charge is matched but the name appearing is different so contact that merchant.
  • The name appearing in the description can be different because some websites or other merchants use the owner’s name or parent company for billing.

It is important if you find that these charges are not authorized by you or your family member report to your credit card issuer or bank.

What to do if you do not authorize the “Netivox” Charge

If you discover an unauthorized charge labeled as “Netivox” on your credit card statement. Start by reaching out to Netivox or the company associated with the charge.

You may be a victim of credit card fraud if you didn’t authorize the charge or if you never made a purchase from the “Netivox. Here’s what you should do:

  • You can find their contact information on the statement or by searching online.
  • Dispute the Charge: If you are unable to resolve the issue with the merchant or Netivox, or if you believe it’s a fraudulent charge, contact your credit card issuer or bank.
  • Cancel Your Card: To prevent further unauthorized charges, you may want to consider canceling your credit card and getting a new one with a different card number.
  • Monitor Your Statements: After resolving the issue, continue to monitor your credit card statements for any suspicious activity.


We shared all the information about the charge on your credit card from Netivox. I hope that this article helped you out.