In the USA 166 million credit cards. So it can be very common for people to get unrecognized charges on their credit cards. In this article, we are going to investigate USA charges on your credit card.

We will explain to you how you can manage this type of charge.

What is Wf/ca Vancouver Charge on Credit Card

What is Homeserve USA

Homeserve USA helps homeowners in the United States protect their wallets from unexpected repair costs with home warranty plans. They also offer services in other countries such as the United Kingdom.

HomeServe USA is a company that offers home warranty plans [US home warranty plans]. These plans are designed to protect homeowners from the financial burden of unexpected repairs to major home systems, such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

If a covered system breaks down, HomeServe USA will send a qualified contractor to diagnose and repair the problem. You’ll typically pay a service fee, but HomeServe USA will cover the cost of labor and parts.

What is Homeserve USA charge on credit card?

Homeserve USA company that offers home emergency repair services and insurance plans for various home systems and appliances. The services include plumbing, electrical heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and appliance repair.

The plan is starting from $7.99 per month. 

Homeserve USA charge on credit card

If you’re getting charges from Homeserve USA charge on credit card, then you can contact them directly on their website. They have a customer care number and the mail. Also, you can explain your problem to them. They will help you out.

The charge can be due to your using their services and paying with your credit card.

Possible Reasons Behind The Charge

If you have seen the charge on your credit card statement there can be possible reasons behind this charge. Let’s have a look at possible reasons for the charge

Services Charges:- Provided services to repair your house so there are the chances that you might use any of their services due to your credit card being charged with the business name serve US.

Subscription plan:- You or someone in your household might have a sign-up for the home service subscription plan that can convert to Cover home repair and maintenance for one year.

Annual or monthly fee:- Recurring charges for the annual monthly subscription fee for the home USA coverage plan when their monthly plan is started from 7.99 dollars.

These are some possible reasons for the Homeserve USA charge on credit cards.

How to investigate the Homeserve USA charge on Credit card?

For investigating your credit card charges, you can follow the below step

Review your transaction:- Review your recent transaction, especially related to home repair and maintenance services. You can check your email in that. You can find a receipt order confirmation and communication from the USA home service.

Contact Home USA:- Still unsure about the contact home service directly with the material details such as the date and amount of the charges and ask them to clarify the nature of the transaction.

Dispute charges with credit card:- Contact bank or credit card issuer to dispute it most banks and companies have a process for ending disputes and can offer guidelines. Their officials will direct you.

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Is Homeserve USA Charge on Credit Card Legitmate?

Yes, Home Service USA is a legitimate company. The website has a monthly traffic of 1.1 million. So this is a very trusted website.

If you see the review on Trust Pilot, they have only a 1.5 rating because most of the people complain about the services but the good thing is that on a better business website the people who have complained about their services.

The company itself replies to their queries and solves their issues.

Contact Details Homeserve USA

  • For support, call:
  • 1-855-336-2465
  • Web support
  • 1-888-752-6740
  • You can also contact them by email to

How do I cancel the USA?

To cancel the Homeserve USA subscription log in to your account and look for the subscription after that cancel it. You can also contact their customer support if you are unable to cancel it.

  • You can call home service at 1-855-336-2465
  • You can also send an email to

Final Words

We have explained the possible reason for your Homeserve USA on your credit card. We are still confused, and not able to understand what is the reason for the charges on your credit card.

You can contact your bank and credit card provider or you can also contact the home service USA. In today’s world, you must stay informed regarding new types of scams so that you can also save yourself from Fraud activities.