Did you see “Panther East Charge on Credit Card? If yes looking for detailed information. Then you are at the right blog.

Have you spotted a cryptic “Project Panther” charge on your credit card statement, sending you into a mini fraud frenzy? Fear not, music lovers, because this might not be a reason to cancel your card just yet. If you use Tidal for your music streaming needs, then this might be the culprit! This article will explain what Project Panther is and why it’s linked to your Tidal subscription.

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What is Panther East?

According to the website, Panther East is a company that sells tools, equipment, safety supplies, and fasteners for professional contractors. They sell various products including roofing materials, sealants, adhesives, torches, heaters, and fall protection equipment. They also offer training and repairs for the tools they sell.

Panther East Company’s registered office is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. According to the Crunchbase legal name is Black Cat Inc. This company started in 2001.

On Reddit, we found that this Panther East is linked with tidal. Here is our observation of what we found on Reddit.

Project Panther is a holding company controlled by none other than Jay-Z. This company is an intermediary between Tidal, the music streaming service, and your bank account. So, when you see “Project Panther” instead of “Tidal” on your statement, it’s essentially Tidal reaching into your wallet for your monthly subscription fee.

Why the Name Change? A Little Transparency Would Be Nice

While it’s good to know your money isn’t vanishing into a mysterious void, the lack of transparency from Tidal can be frustrating. There isn’t a clear explanation for why they use a different name for billing purposes.

Panther East's charge on Credit Card Reddit Conversations of users
Reddit Conversations of users

Many users, like those in the Reddit conversation we explored, share the sentiment that a heads-up from Tidal would have prevented unnecessary worry and potential bank card cancellations.

A Charge in Two Acts: The Pre-Authorization Penny

Some users have reported seeing a small “pending” charge from Panther East for just one cent. This is likely a pre-authorization hold, a common practice by companies to verify your card’s validity before charging the full amount. Don’t panic! This tiny charge usually disappears within a few days, followed by the actual Tidal subscription fee.

Should You Be Worried? Here’s What to Do

If you recognize Tidal as a service you subscribed to, then the “Project Panther” charge is most likely legitimate. However, it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check the Amount: Make sure the charge matches your Tidal subscription fee.
  • Review Your Statement: Look for any other unfamiliar charges.
  • Contact Tidal: If you’re unsure, contact Tidal directly to confirm the charge.
  • Contact Your Bank: If you suspect fraudulent activity, reach out to your bank immediately.


If you cannot find any link to Tidal or the charge appears on your credit card statement is incorrect then immediately contact your bank and dispute the charge. This can be also done by scammers in the name of some reputed company.

While the “Project Panther” charge might raise eyebrows at first, understanding its connection to Tidal should ease your concerns. Hopefully, Tidal will improve their communication to avoid future confusion. But hey, at least you now have a fun fact to share – your love for music is being channeled through a company linked to the one and only Jay-Z.