Are you also noticing the “CSC Service Works” charge on your credit card or bank statement? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find these charges on their statements and wonder what they’re for. If you are, you might be wondering why it’s there and what steps to take next.

Here’s a thorough guide on understanding the “CSC Service Works” charge on credit card. This guide will also explain “CSC Service Works” and what to do if you see a charge you don’t recognize. We will also cover the solution and how to find the legitimacy of the charge.

Dont worry we help you to understand why the “CSC Service works” charge is appearing on your credit card and how to deal with it.

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What is CSC Service Works

CSC Service Works is a leading company in the USA, Europe, and Canada it offers laundry service and Air Vending solutions for a variety of industries, including multi-housing, Universities, and commercial businesses. CSC Service Works is a trusted company for laundry service and air vending solutions.

CSC Service is currently owned by Pamplona Capital Management. They repurchased this company in 2013.

Is CSC Service is Legitmate Comapny

Yes, CSC Service is a reputed company, and it CSC Service works serves more than 1,50,000 Customers. They covered 22,800 gas stations for services.

What is the CSC Service Work Charge on Credit Card?

Till now you know what the company does and how trustworthy CSC Service Works company. You might be wondering why charges appeared on my credit card in the name of “CSC Service Works“.Let me answer you, this charge might be due to the service you used. It could be any product or service provided by CSC Service work such as a laundry service or you used an Air pump at a Gas station.

laundry Services

Try to recall what service you used in recent days or this month. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to recall what we are doing at this time on some back. Sit quietly and figure out your bills and match them with your credit card bank statement.

If you used a tire inflation service at a gas station, this charge may be related to that service. However, what if you have not used any services of CSC Service Works using your credit card that can be scary.

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Reasons behind a CSC Service Works Charge On Credit Card/Bank Statement

  • It is due to the use of CSC Service Works Laundry Service at Home, Hotel, or other places.
  • Tire Inflation Service at Gas Station

If you have done a thorough investigation this credit card has not been used for payment of any type of service of CSC Service Works. Then ask your family members and close friends who have access to your credit card. They may have used your credit card in a joking manner.

After verifying all this, if you feel the CSC Service Works charge is unauthorized. Then you can report it to the credit card issuer or your bank. If you are a customer of CSC Service and facing a problem related to charges or you think that CSC Service Works charged more than usual. In that case, contact CSC Service Works Company.

If possible ask for the money refund to CSC customer support. You can contact them by visiting their website or email them mentioning your concerns and issues.

CSC Service Works Credit Card Charge Variations

In some cases, these charges may appear differently, as described below

  • csc servicework charge – Appliance Warehouse
  • CSC Service Works – Super Laundry
  • CSC Service Work Charge – Sparkle Solutions
  • csc serviceworks charge – Academic Division
  • csc service work $2.00 charge
  • csc servicework 2 charge
  • csc service works $1.50
  • csc serviceworks ultra charge
  • usa*csc servicework

What if you are not authorized CSC Service Works

The sooner you take action on credit card charges, the better it will be because your credit card details may have fallen into the hands of scammers. When scammers get the details of a credit card, they check whether your credit card is active or not, in such a situation they make the smallest payment.

Disputing a credit card charge can refund your deducted amount and you can help your bank and credit card issuer to take safety measures against a scammer.

Here are some Pro-tip to avoid Unauthorized charges

  • Never share OTP and credit card details with strangers in the Mail.
  • Try to avoid Free or public Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Change your PIN or password frequently.
  • If you think a credit card’s security is compromised, block it immediately and ask your bank to re-issue it.

So acting immediately can protect you from a financial crisis.

How to Contact CSC Service Works

There are several ways to contact CSC Service Works. You can contact them via telephone, Email, or by visiting their official website. They also provide live chatbot services to address your inquiries. In the table, a brief detail is given.

Company CSC Service Works
Telephone 1-844-272-9675
Corporate Headquarters35 Pinelawn Road, Suite 120 Melville, NY 11747
Services Offered laundry and Air Vending Solutions


In summary, this charge can be undeniable and it can appear on any one credit card. So we have shared all the information on how can track this credit card charge and how to dispute an unauthorized credit card. If you liked the article share it with your friends to aware them.

FAQs CSC Service Works Charge on CreditCard

Is CSC Service Works a legit Company?

Yes, it is a Legitimate company.

What are the services offered by CSC Service Works?

CSC Service Works Offers Laundry and Air Vending Services.

Can I dispute a charge?

Yes, If it is an Unauthorized charge then you can dispute it.

What does CSC ServiceWorks do?

In the US, Canada, and Europe, CSC ServiceWorks is the top supplier of air vending machines and commercial laundry services.

How do I contact CSC ServiceWorks customer support?

To report one machine and request a refund you can contact CSC Service works customer support. If funds were lost in two or more machines, call their customer support line at (877) 264-6622.