Are you getting Horizon Direct Charge on a Credit Card and still don’t know what is this charge? People are receiving emails and SMS from banks that they have been charged a certain amount by “Horizon Direct

Some People reported that they got recurring charges of $19.95 from Horizon Direct. Some of them reported that they received emails from the bank at midnight that they were charged by Horizon Direct.

Are you googling about “Horizon Direct” Company and the legitimacy of “Horizon Direct Charge on Credit Card “? Don’t worry we have gathered the maximum information about “Horizon Direct charge on credit card“. Dive into the detailed guide on how to deal with this charge and how to get a refund.

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What is Horizon Direct

Horizon Direct is an online store from where you can get products that are listed for sale. Generally speaking, Horizon Direct is an E-Commerce platform.

Horizon Direct offers you various deals on products they promise that they can offer a maximum discount to you.

Horizon Direct also offers a subscription model for users to get deals at the best prices.

Horizon Direct website “

Our Finclash Team found another website that also names “Horizon Direct”. But its website URL is different “”. This company offers inventory solutions.

Ledger Green Credit Card Charge

Why Horizon Direct is charging on my credit card?

If you have got the charge on your credit card with the description “Horizon Direct” don’t panic first find the legitimacy of this charge.

This could be due to the reason that you have purchased a product or service from them. Horizon Direct also offers a subscription model to the user so that they can get products at the best deals.

This charge may also be due to a subscription to Horizon Direct.

Now you might be wondering, why I have not authorized this charge and then why I’m getting this charge on my credit card.

In that case, make sure you also check with your family members if they used the credit card on any website or if they purchased anything from Social media.

It can also happen that sometimes we see unique product ads on social media platforms and we just purchase without remembering the name of the seller. Therefore check your social media purchase history.

This could be due to a technical error or a database mismatch of the company databases. However, it is very rare.

It could be due to the security breach of your credit card or someone getting your credit card details.

In this situation, You can dispute this charge and file a complaint against a seller or merchant.

How to Contact Horizon Direct

Before disputing a charge on a credit card it is important to verify with the merchant and bills.

You can contact Horizon directly via email and by visiting the website. You can also connect with them by telephone.

Horizon Direct ( / 1 877-595-6382

Horizon Direct (

What to do with Unauthorize charge by Horizon Direct

You can raise a complaint to your credit issuer. Credit card issuers will give you more insights about the charge and they will also verify the legitimacy of credit card charges.

Here are some steps to take against an unauthorized charge on your credit card.

  • Call your bank.
  • Report to Unauthorized charge.
  • Share Exact description details with the credit card issuer.
  • If the charge is not legit they will block your credit card.
  • Your bank will issue a new credit card for you.

How can I get a Refund?

Now you might be also wondering if my money is deducted from the account is there any way to get a refund of the amount?

The credit card issuer will help you out with a refund.

In the digital age credit card scams are at their peak so it’s our responsibility to take action against them and report them to authorities.

However, you can also learn some best tips to tackle these unauthorized credit card charges.

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We have shared all the information about this charge and how to deal it with. So if you read the full article your all doubts are clear.

However you think that your insights can help other users kindly share them with us in the comment section.

Is Horizon Direct is Legitimate company?

We could not verify the legitimacy of Horizon Direct as we have found two websites that offer different services.

What is the best way to get a refund?

The best way to get a refund report to your credit card issuer.

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