If have been charged by “Temu” on your credit card and looking for its details. You are at the right place we will share all the details regarding the “Temu charge on credit card“. Is this charge legit or not?

In the digital age, E-commerce is rapidly gaining popularity, with a growing array of products and competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for shoppers.

This ease of buying products is amazing but some scammers know the loopholes of Technology and they steal people’s credit card and debit card details to steal money.

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What is Temu

If you have done online shopping you may also know this company. Temu is an E-Commerce marketplace like Amazon and Walmart.

You can buy any product from the Temu app. Temu E-commerce promises that you can buy free products if you have sufficient Credit.

Temu headquarters is based in Boston and operated by a Chinese Company PDD.

PDD is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. In the United States, Temu was launched in September 2022 against Amazon and Walmart shopping.

Temu offers you a wide variety of products and some amazing deals. Temu promises that you can get the best prices and cheapest prices at Temu.

The reason behind the cheap price of products is that all products are imported from China. All the listed products are directly come from suppliers in China.

Is Temu a legit site

Temu is a legitmate company. But the products listed on Temu may take 10 days to reach your doorstep. If you are good with this 10 days delivery you can buy from it.

However, it is noticeable thing that all the electronics are not branded products only some Chinese companies have blue ticks for products. This means only authorized brands have a blue tick.

Before ordering any item from Temu check out the review of the product.


It can happen that what products you see on the Temu website are not good in quality.

In the end, the decision will be yours.

How to Contact Temu Customer Support?

You can reach Temu customer support if you have any queries. Temu has live chat support for users.

To return the product you can apply the apps.

Here are details of Temu Inc.

Company Temu Inc
Office addressSuite 355, 31 St. James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116, USA
Official Website https://www.temu.com/

What is Temu Charge on Credit Card

People reported that they are seeing a charge on their credit card with a description of Temu.

Our Finclash team started finding out about this charge such as is this is a legit charge or a scam.

We have found some interesting details about Temu Inc.

As we already mentioned in the article Temu is a Chinese company operated in the USA and operated by PDD Holdings.

The charge appearing on your credit card statement could be due to you using your credit card at Temu to purchase something or a gift for your loved ones.

This charge could be because your close one or close friend used your credit card at Temu.

If you are an existing customer of Temu and nothing shopped from them you can contact Temu support.

If Temu support is not up to the mark and they are unable to solve your problem. In that case, you should contact your credit card or Bank.

Your credit card issuer can guide you about this matter and they have more details about this charge.

How Scammer Tricks Us

If this is a legit charge. If all your bills and details have been verified, and you determine that the charge is legitimate, there’s no need for concern.

However, the main issue arises when unauthorized charges appear, especially for individuals who haven’t placed orders or visited the Temu website but find unexpected charges on their credit cards.

If you get an SMS or email that you have been charged a certain amount by Temuu or a well-known company. Some fraudsters use this fishy email or SMS they put a link on this SMS and email. So don’t click on any link appearing in the SMS and Email to “Get more details here“.

How to Be Safe From Credit Card Scams

Here are some tips to avoid such scams.

  • Don’t reply to the SMS and email to verify this charge to your credit card statement that you are charged.
  • if you click the SMS or the link provided in the SMS or Email you will be redirected or they can access every detail from your phone so avoid clicking on SMS or Email Links.
    You will lose your money and you will be in a financial crisis so don’t click on any Fishy link.
  • Never Share your credit card details and OTP.
  • Keep changing your PIN and password frequently.

Keep an eye on your credit card charges, especially on specific dates. If you find unauthorized charges, report them to your bank or credit card issuer immediately.

You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you want to file a police report, you can do so, but reporting to your bank or credit card issuer should be your priority.


In conclusion, it is very important that you check your monthly statement and verify all the amounts if anything suspicious appears in your statement verify it with your credit card issue or bank.

In the case of an unauthorized charge, you can simply ask your credit card issuer to block the credit card and ask for a new one and also to change frequently or password and PIN of your credit card frequently.


What is Temu?

Temu is an Online Marketplace Website. Which

Who owns Temu?

PDD Holding owns Temu.

Why does Temu offer products at cheap prices?

Temu directly connects sellers to customers. All the sellers are from china.

Is Temu a Chinese Company?

Yes, Its parent company is Chinese.

Is I can file a complaint against Temu?

Yes, you can File a Complaint against Temu.