Have you seen a charge on your credit card with the description of “Tripus” or “Trips”? Dont worry in this article we will clarify the reasons behind the charge on your credit card we will also share how to deal with the “Tripus Charge On Credit Card.

Have you traveled in recent times from one location to another via flights or have gone on the trip with your family? Having time with family is a good thing but your mind is blown when you check the charge on your credit card statement with a description of “tripus” or “Trip”

Have you booked a courier service to ship an item in recent times? I’m asking these questions to you because all these questions are related to your credit card charge. Did you shop for something from Tripus”

Both appearing charges are different because we have found two websites that are different and offer different services.

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What is The Tripus Charge On Credit Card

While finding online answers we have found two websites that can be the cause behind the charge on your credit card. The charge can appear on your credit card if have used any booking service via the trip website. The charge can also appear if you have ordered an electromagnetic from “Tripus”.

let’s move to the next segment in the article to learn more about the services or products offered by the companies.

What is TRIP.COM

Trip” is a website that offers various services such as Flight, Taxi, Tarin, and Cab booking for your trips. With Trip, You can use Trip.com to assist in creating the ideal itinerary. Trip.com will help you save money on airfare, lodging, and transportation throughout the globe whether you’re traveling for pleasure, business, or to open a corporate travel account.

Trip.com (https://us.trip.com/) is a Singapore-registered company. Along with that, it offers various hotel booking services during your trip.

Trip.com also has iOS and Android applications. If you traveled or booked a taxi from the Trip this charge could be due to that. You can contact trip.com for any charge-related issue at ” Trip.com”

What is Tripus

We have found a website “https://www.tripus.de/”. It offers various products such as Electromagnetic components, Modules, Active devices, Switch and control units, comping, caravan boats, and cars.

Also, check whether you ordered anything from this website using your credit card or not.

You can contact Tripus for any dispute of charges on your credit card.

Company Name Tripus
Website https://www.tripus.de/
Contact Number +49 8221 9016-0

What is a Trip Charge On a Credit Card

If you used your credit card for both purchased travel and for adjustments to existing travel plans made with points or miles from your loyalty program, the merchant name Trip Charges may display on your credit card statement.

Check this services you used or not

  • On behalf of loyalty redemption programs for:
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • Hotel Programs
    • Airline Frequent Flier Programs
  • Leisure travel for affinity groups
  • Leisure travel
  • Business travel

How Differently Charge Can Appear On Credit Card

Sometimes, the name of the store or company where you made the purchase might not match exactly what you see on your credit card statement. Charges might show up with abbreviations or shortened versions of the business names, which can make them tricky to recognize.

Here are some variations shared by users who got charged on their credit card

  • Award overages
  • A combination of cash plus points or miles
  • Service fees
  • Modifications or changes to your reservation
  • Security fees
  • Fuel-related service fees
  • Overnight delivery charges
  • Theme park, activity, and attraction passes
  • Airfare reservations
  • Deposits for cruises or tours
  • Pre-paid hotel reservations
  • Pre-paid car reservations
  • Purchase of vacation packages

What If You Didn’t Authorize the Tripus Charge?

It might be very surprising that you are charged on your credit card without your authorization. In that case, contact your credit card issuer or bank. So they can share more details about the charge. Your credit card issuer will block your credit card for payments. Blocking your existing credit card can protect you from further financial losses.

If you want to file a police complaint you can also do that. Reporting to your Bank is the first step and immediate action to take after you find out about any unauthorized charge on your credit card.


We have found that this charge is legitimate. In the article, we shared all the information regarding the charges on your credit card. However, if we missed your question you can ask in the comment section.