Incidents of charges on a credit card “702 SW 8th st charge on a credit card” are increasing. Many people on internet forums, Facebook, and Reddit shared that they are charged by 702 SW 8th St charge on their credit card.

Why are you charged if you are also searching for “702 SW 8th St charge on a credit card“? What to do with this charge?

Then this article is for you. We share a detailed guide on “702 SW 8th St charge on credit card”. Read the full articles.

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Our team has done research online to share accurate information with you. If you have the same incident on a credit card charge you can also share it with us in the comment section.

What is 702 SW 8th St

This is the address of the Walmart store situated at 702 S.W. 8th St. Bentonville, AR 72716-0350.

Walmart is a superstore that sells general merchandise and groceries. You can purchase anything for yourself. Walmart is the largest retailer in the world.

However, our Finclash team found that “702 SW 8th St” is also the address of “Sam Clubs“. Sam Clubs is a division of Walmart.

Sam Clubs is a membership warehouse club, a limited-edition company that provides its members with high-quality goods at prices that are unbeatable in the typical retail market.

Why 702 SW 8th St Charge appearing on My Credit Card

You might shopped from Walmart or SamClubs at “702 SW 8th St” that’s why a charge can appear on your credit card statement or bank statement.

However, if you have not purchased anything from the Walmart store and you are living far away from this store the charge is appearing on your credit card.

It Could be due to something you ordered from the Walmart application. The product was shipped from “702 SW 8th St” to you.

702 SW 8th St Charge on Credit Card is a Scam?

We have found that many users reported that they have not purchased anything from the store however they still received a charge on their credit card from ” 702 SW 8th St“.

All the transactions that are not authorized by users are scams.

Also, We have found that on the internet people reported that they have been charged amounts 10, to 499.45 dollars Which is huge even if they have not purchased anything.

702 SW 8th St charge on credit card
Reddit Discussion: What users on Reddit reported.

We have found a notice of a Security breach at Sam’s Club. In the notice, it is mentioned that users’ data is leaked.

As per notice the leaked data includes your name, phone numbers, Postal code, and membership ID leaked to a third party.

So It is possible that the scammer used your data or credit card and that is why the charge is appearing on your credit card.

For your reference, we have shared a notice link at the end of the article.

Note that, the 702 SW 8th St charge on the credit card is a Scam if you have not purchased anything from Walmart.

How to Deal with 702 SW 8th St Unauthorized Charges?

All the events seem like planned scams. The scammer got your information from various sources such as Sam Club Security breach or the security of your credit card being compromised so take immediate action.

Report this incident to your credit card issuer and inform the bank.

If you are charged on a credit card and cannot recognize or validate the charged amount. Report immediately to your bank and ask them in detail.

When you report to your credit card issuer they will block the credit card. Contact Walmart support and explain them and follow them.

Here is Step to step-by-step guide to deal With 702 SW 8th St Charges on Credit Card

Review Your Statement: Carefully examine your credit card statement to ensure that the charge is indeed unauthorized.
Contact the Credit Card Issuer: Call the customer service number on the back of your credit card as soon as you notice the unauthorized charge.
Dispute the Charge: Inform the credit card company that you are disputing the charge.
Monitor Your Account:

While the investigation is ongoing, continue to monitor your credit card account for any further unauthorized charges.
Follow-up: Stay in regular contact with your credit card company to track the progress of the dispute and ensure it’s resolved promptly.

Can I recover My Money?

Yes, you can typically get your money back from fraudulent credit card charges. The majority of the time, credit card issuers have procedures in place to look into and fix such problems.

You should get a refund for the disputed amount if the charge is found to be unauthorized.

To improve your chances of a satisfactory resolution, take prompt action, adhere to the previously outlined processes, and communicate openly with your credit card company.

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Verify that you have purchased something with Walmart or not if you have not purchased anything from them. Report to Walmart and credit card issuer.

Your credit card issuer can help you in such cases. We have shared a detailed guide on “702 SW 8th St Credit Card Charge”.So we hope all your doubts are cleared.

How to Report a Credit Card Dispute?

You can contact your credit card issuer and inform them about the incident.

Will Walmart help out in this situation?

Yes, this Walmart will help you out.