Have you ever seen ads from Atlas Earth? You may be wondering what is Atlas Earth and how you can earn from the Atlas Earth. Is this app legit or just a scam? if you have similar questions about this app?

Read our detailed analysis on the “Atlas Earth ” app, after that, you conclude it is worth investing your time and money in buying real estate in the metaverse with this app.

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Atlas Earth is a game. In the game, you can buy a metaverse land and earn money by renting the land.

Illustration of interconnected nodes representing the process of buying and selling virtual land in a metaverse. Nodes include ‘Research,’ ‘Purchase,’ ‘Ownership,’ ‘Development,’ and ‘Resale.’ The metaverse landscape surrounds the nodes, emphasizing the digital nature of these transactions.
Atlas Earth Legit

What is Atlas Earth App

Atlas Earth is a game that can be played on any Android and iOS. In this app, you can make a purchase of a piece of land in the virtual world which is known as the metaverse.

The map in the game is exactly similar to the real world. The land you can buy the in the app in the form of a Parcel. Every Parcel will cost you $5. Each parcel is 30ft x 30ft.

The more land or parcel you purchase in-app the more rent you can generate from the land and you can earn more. Every game has levels. Acquiring land in the game will increase your ranking.

By acquiring land in the app you can also become mayor, governor, and even president.

Atlas Buck Pack

However, the land you acquire in the app only exists in Atlas Earth, this app is not connected to the other metaverse apps. Let’s understand the working model of Atlas Earth.

How AtlasEarth Earns?

Every app that you use and see on the App stores costs some amount to develop and for maintaining the apps there is also a cost. So have you ever wondered why an App promises you that you can earn money by just purchasing land and renting it?

If the App gives me money back how app developer will earn?

Atlas Earth earns money from the purchases of land that is purchased by its users. This app has its own currency for purchase. For one parcel you have to buy 100 Atlasbucks which cost you 4.99$.

The app allows you to watch some ads that give you some bounces. The advertiser also earns money. This app uses your location to scan your locality. So Atlas Earth may use your data and location for earning.

You might be thinking is that possible that someone can earn money with my location? Yes, some tech giants may buy users’ data and locations to provide better ads or other products.

How Atlas Earth Works

Let’s understand the question “How does Atlas Earth work ?”

As earlier we have mentioned in the article that Atlas Earth is a mobile game by Atlas Reality where you can own and trade virtual land in the real world. You can buy properties near you, and even legendary places like the Statue of Liberty.

The more land you have, the better your rank. There are some best ranks mentioned below.

  • Mayor
  • Governor
  • President

You can earn when you rent your land from that land Atlas Earth will give you money $0.0000000011 per second. You earn rent in dollars, and it goes up when you level up or watch ads. So, buy land, make money, and climb the leaderboards.

Can You Earn Money From Atlas Earth?

It is very important to pay attention to whether you can make money from Atlas Earth or not. Let me be clear, this app does not get a Quick rich scheme.

You can withdraw your earned money from renting your property if you have a minimum balance of 5$. Let us calculate how much money you can generate in Atlas Earth.

If look at the rate they provide you is “$0.0000000011” and multiply it by seconds per year it comes to nearly less than ten cents.

If you add a boost to that, in that case, it is possible to earn good money from the land you purchased but still, it will be not a good amount for the real world. The earned money in the game is too much that you will hardly reach to withdrawal amount. If you reach there you have to invest more than what you have got in the game it only pays virtual money, not the real one.

As the rate Atlas Earth gives is very low. Which is not worth investing your time and money. So keep your eye before investing your hard-earned money to buy Metaverse land.

Is Atlas Earth a Scam?

It is a Legit app developed by Atlas Earth (https://www.atlasearth.com/) Realty. Atlas Earth promises that you can earn money but we have seen in the article that the amount they pay on your investment isn’t worth it.

So it is not a get-quick-rich scheme but if love metaverse games then you can play this game for fun. This app is not popular too much in the universe of metaverse. Till now it have 1M downloads on the Google Play store with a rating of 4.1.

Metaverse is a growing technology so we cannot predict exactly what the land you bought in the app will be worth in the future or not.


In summary, Atlas Earth is a legitimate app. You can buy land in Metaverse. But note that Atlas Earth Metaverse is not connected to other metaverse. You can use this game for fun but not for earning points.


Is Atlas Earth legit?

Yes, Atlas Earth is a legit app developed by Atlas Earth Realty.

Can I buy land on Atlas Earth?

Yes, you can buy land but it will be in the virtual world.

How do I get free Atlas Earth bucks?

You can watch Ads in the Atlas Earth App.

Can I sell land on Atlas Earth?

Yes, you can sell land on Atlas Earth.

Can I withdraw money from Atlas Earth?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Atlas Earth.

What is the minimum payout that can be withdrawn?

Minimum payout is 5$.

Does Atlas Earth pay real money?

It will take a lot of time to make genuine money with the game. Even if you win money in the game, it won’t be enough.