Did you notice a charge on your credit card statement with the description “amdb”?

We know that you are searching for why this charge is appearing and whether this charge is legit or not.

Are you using any dating apps? Dating apps don’t need any introduction.

AMDB is a short form of Ashley Madison. Previously the charge appeared on the credit card Ashley Madison which was changed to “amdb”

We have gathered all the details about this charge so read the full article to learn everything about it.

What is Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating service and social networking service for people who are married or in relationships who are looking for affairs.

The website’s slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Ashley Madison was founded in 2002 by Darren Morgenstern and Noel Biderman. Ashley Madison is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ashley Madison has over 60 million members in 53 countries.

The website has been criticized for promoting adultery.

In 2015, Ashley Madison was hacked, and the personal information of millions of members was stolen.

The hack led to several lawsuits against Ashley Madison.

In 2016, Ashley Madison was acquired by Ruby Corp, a private equity firm.

The company has since made several changes to its website and policies to improve its security and privacy.

Ashley Madison remains a controversial website, but it continues to be popular among people who are looking for discreet affairs.

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Ashley Madison Legit or Not?

Ashley Madison is a legitimate or not legitimate company it depends upon your definition of a legit company.

If you’re looking for a website that connects people who are married or in relationships who are looking for affairs, then Ashley Madison is a legitimate website.

It has a large user base and several features that make it easy to connect with other users.

There are a lot of people who reported fake profiles and scammers in the app.

In 2015, a data breach raised concerns about the privacy of Ashley Madison users.

However, if you’re looking for a website that is free of scams or catfishes, then Ashley Madison is not a legitimate website.

If you go to the App Store and Play Store there are also negative reviews of apps.

That’s why I used the statement at the start of the paragraph about whether this company Ashley Madison is legit or not it is up to you.

Why Charge is Appearing on Credit Card

Ashely Madison is not a free website. To use full features and connect with people with a similar thought process who believe in cheating on your existing married life or relationship.

The app needs payment to start all the features, If you allow the app payment via Paypal it can also deduct the money from PayPal.

The payment can be made in the app with a credit card.

When you pay, it gives you some credit points to connect with people. Every connection with people requires your credit points.

These credit points can be added with paying some fees and are only used within the Ashley Madison application.

Check the payment processing type. It is auto payment enabled or disabled.

If the payment is automatic, then it can deduct the amount when you use extra credit points.

The payment was deducted and you did not notice at that time. It can be $19 or $49. Some users shared details with us they have charged twice.

So if you have received the twice charges it can be very suspicious and a fraud to you.

Ashely Madison’s pricing details are mentioned in the table.

Membership PlanPrice

Sometimes it may happen that a member of your family or your wife/husband is using the app secretly.

Therefore, check that this app is not hidden in your phone. The app can be hidden on iOS as well as on Android.

Ask your wife/husband, Girlfriend, or boyfriend if they used your credit card for the app.

Could This Charge Be An Unauthorized Charge?

Yes, this can happen the charge you are seeing on your statement can be a scam or someone scammed you by using your credit card.

This app is always in controversy for data breaches and policies of the app.

The charge you are seeing on your credit card statement may be unauthorized.

Here are some signs that a charge might be unauthorized:

  • You do not recognize the merchant such as “amdb”.
  • The charge is for a larger amount than you would normally spend.
  • The charge is for a purchase you did not make.
  • You have never seen the merchant’s name or logo before.
  • The charge is from a country you have never been to.
  • The charge is on a card that you have lost or stolen.

In my opinion, the app can not be good for everyone as its motto is cheating. People who believe that cheating on their existing partner is not a good idea. However, if you believe in that you can use the applications.

But aware that there are a lot of scammers and data concerns with the apps.

How to Deal With The Charges

Here are some steps to follow to these charges.

  • Remove your credit card details.
  • Disconnect your PayPal account with Ashley Madison.
  • Disable AutoPyament in the app.
  • If the charge is fraud. Report to your bank and credit card issuer.
  • They will issue a new credit card.


We have shared all the information about the AMDB charge on the credit card. understand all the terms and conditions before using the apps.

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