If you’re getting charges from National Entertainment Charge on Credit Card Statement. This article helps you to guide how you can find the reason for the charges and what are the possible reasons that you can dispute your charges.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 8.8 billion was lost by consumers due to fraud in 202223 these are all fraud related to credit cards. So that is the number so you must stay updated with the information and be careful of these scammers.

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What is National Entertainment Charge on Credit Card?

While researching for the national entertainment charge on credit card we have found some interesting things about the charge. Our team has discovered mainly two possible reasons behind this charge on credit card.

The national charge on credit card can be for two reasons. One is a website with the name National Entertainment and the second one could be a National Entertainment Technology Inc.

Professional Entertainment Network, the top entertainment, Kos, corporator, redefining, fun in arcade, games, game rooms, and retail restaurant and more.

They also have a wide range of equipment, including vending equipment and the self-service tech and your consumer experience.

Also, they have vending machines, maybe something you have purchased from the vending machine. Maybe you have visited their game room and used your credit card there to purchase any game accessories or play any game so that they have a chance that you are getting charged with the national entertainment.

This website is called National Entertainment Technology. They are selling the Easter Egg harvest egg. They have a lot of products to sell online.

A possible reason for National Entertainment Charge on Credit Card

After doing analysis and research, we have found some other possible reasons behind the charge. These are possible reasons for the National Entertainment Charge on Credit Card.

Vending machine:- The national entertainment network has vending machines. They provide the vending machine and the gaming room, so there are chances that you have used your credit card on their vending machine or in a gaming room.

Product purchase: The National Entertainment Technology website they are selling some products related to the eggs such as Easter eggs, and harvest eggs if you purchase any type of product from the website, then there are chances that you’re getting charged with National Entertainment.

Is National Entertainment Charge on Credit Card Legit?

If you have used any of the services from the company then there are no worries. However, if you cannot recognize the charge and are unsure about the charge it might be a bit alarming for your financial stability.

After analyzing that this website seems to be legit and both websites are legit they have the business doing any USA. If you have queries related to the charge, then you can contact them directly.

You can start an investigation by yourself. You can check the date time and amount of your transaction so you can able to remember to match the same transaction or you can ask your family member. Maybe someone else is using your credit card.

If you’re not able to remember, you can contact the respective website as I mentioned the 2 websites explain the situation if they can solve your well good problem. If they are not able to resolve your concern, then you can contact your bank and credit card provider, they have a system that will help you to dispute your charges. You can also dispute your credit card charge if the charge seems to be fraud.

Final word

The Fin Clash team did online research and found out there are two websites with the name of the national entertainment. They could be a reason for your charges. So, according to that, you can contact us as we have provided the contact number and the email details in the article.

You can investigate further and more clearly. As I mentioned most of the getting scams so you must investigate your receipt weekly related to your charges.