You’re not the only one who has recently found themselves Googling “Glority Global charge on credit card,” so don’t worry. This mysterious entry has been found on several peoples’ billing statements.

Many people reported the charge on their credit cards with descriptions of “Glority Global“. Some people are also searching with the terms glority mountain view ca.

Let me clarify for you “Glority and Glority Global” are the same firm. In the digital age of transactions, it’s not uncommon for puzzling credit card charges to raise warning flags and send shivers down your financial spine.

The good news is that our Finclash team gathered all the information about why this charge is appearing and what to do with it. We will also discuss the legitimacy of global glority.

What is Glority Global

Glority Global is a software company that develops applications for iOS and Android users. Glority Global is also known as Glority Global Group Ltd.

Glority Global develops apps that identify plant names and how to care for them. This company also developed a pdf scanning application.

Glority Global charge on credit card

Apps Developed by Glority Global

  • PictureThis – Plant Identifier
  • Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide

We have also checked their official website. So people also search them as Google Glority Global charges on credit cards.

What is Glority Global Charge on Credit Card

We have found the online presence of a glority global company. As we have discussed earlier it offers various types of applications for iOS and Android. So you may have purchased something from the application or an “in-app purchase”.

The charge appearing on your credit card may be due to extra features or you have subscribed for the premium version of the application.

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Verify that you have not purchased any subscription to the application or any membership within the app. After verifying that you have not done so and you have still received a credit card charge from Glory Global that you did not authorize this payment.

You can also report to your credit card issuer or bank.

Reasons Behind Glority Global Charge on Credit Card.

Every charge appearing on your credit card has a valid reason whether you shopped for it or it can be a subscription or charge of services. So let’s find out the possible reasons behind the Glority Global credit card charge.

App purchase:- if there is a purchase, then you might be getting the charges with the name of Glority Global. Glory Global is an app in which you can use different types of applications like smart ID, which is powered by AI and can analyze the different types of plants and insects details.

Subscription service:- Recurring charges for the Subham service offered by the app developed by glority such as a monthly subscription for the premium feature. 

There is also that you have taken a subscription that is converted into a subscription. These are the possible reasons regarding the glority Global charges on

Is Glority Global charge on credit card Legit?

Global is a well-established company that was founded in 2009 so they are mainly focusing and billing meant of Core technologies, especially computer vision and natural language understanding.

This is the company is legal and they are legit. If you have any queries, you can contact them by email at the

So if you find any organized charges on your credit card, in this case, you can contact your bank and credit card provider. You can also contact Global regarding unfamiliar charges.

How to Report Glority Global Charge

You can report unauthorized charges to your credit card issuer and bank. Apart from this, you can contact your application developer.

Reporting to your credit card issuer should be the first thing to do with an unknown charge. They will block your credit card.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide

  • Contact Glority Global: Start by reaching out to Glority Global’s customer service or support team.
  • Gather Information: Before contacting Glority Global, make sure you have all the necessary information related to the charge.
  • Review Policies: Understand Glority Global’s refund, cancellation, and dispute resolution policies.
  • Remember that specific procedures and contact information may vary depending on your location and the nature of the charge.

How to Contact Glority Global

While there’s no direct phone number listed publicly for Glority Global, here are two methods you can use to contact them regarding the charge on your credit card:

  • Email: The best option seems to be reaching out via email at This email address is listed on both the Glority website and their Terms of Use documents.
  • Google Play Support: Since the charge likely originated from an app purchase on Google Play, Google Play support might also be able to help. You can find their contact information or a chat support option through the Google Play website or app.


Glority Global, a software company, may be causing unexpected charges on your credit card due to in-app purchases or premium subscriptions. If no subscriptions or memberships are found, report the issue to your bank or credit card issuer. Hopes that you have got all the information that you need to know about “Glority Global”.

Is Glority Global a legitimate company?

Yes, Glority Global is a legitimate software company known for developing applications for iOS and Android users. They’ve created apps like “PictureThis – Plant Identifier” and “Plant Parent: Plant Care Guide.

Why am I seeing a Glority Global charge on my credit card?

The charge you’re seeing may be related to in-app purchases or a premium subscription for one of their applications. Review your recent app activity to confirm.

How can I contact Glority Global if I have questions or concerns?

You can reach out to Glority Global through their website or by sending an email to “” Their headquarters are located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

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