Sometimes getting unknown charges on your credit card can be very annoying. If you also got Starapps charge on credit card statement then stay in the article. Most of the people are getting these type of unknown charges. You may be wondering why I am getting these types of charges. But in this article, we are going to deep type into a Starapps charge on credit card.

Our team will figure out why there’s a charge from Starapps on your credit card and help you fix it. We’ll guide you through disputing the charges and sorting them out on your own. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Is Atlas Earth Legit or Scam?

What is Starapps Charge on Credit Card?

According to the website. The starapp was co-founded by the team of this serial investor from Ghent who invented the app with the help of hundreds of people in social, personal, and financial or business aspects of their lives.

So they provide a different type of coverage first Fintech second Proptech and last lifestyle.

Starapps charge on credit card

According to the website, they will help you to build the coverage that is one of the most driving economic growth by empowering the consumers.

The website will help you to build your venture builder early adapter being an investor or a digital creative. You can apply on their website to get the details about it.

So then, there are the chances that the service they are providing they might be charging for the services. 

Try to recall the charges maybe you have on the website and you access some premium content from the website by using your credit card.

Subscription:– A website creates a perfect audition list by using a 350 college program database so they will help the art student program provide the information regarding the audition date and degree type that can be consumed by providing their app. Starapp will guide the student to get the tuition audition requirement and much more with fully automated web information management.

Also, keep in mind maybe your daughter or son is using your credit card to sign up on the Star app, They start taking some premium content.

The website they are providing a sign-up for free maybe for the content they will charge so that you can analyze your credit card.

Is Starapps charge on credit card legit?

In my opinion, both and the Star app websites seem to have low domain authority and not many visitors. This could indicate they might be fraudulent

If its website with good Domain authority. It means they are valued websites, and the visitor website is less so most of the chances are that it can be a scam. However, if the website has low traffic doesn’t mean it is a scam.

So it’s always better to identify and talk to their customer care number, so according to that you can verify.

How to Manage Starapps charge on credit card.

First, review your recent transactions and review those transactions related to the App Store such as the Apple Store or Google Play Store maybe any purchase could be a link to the Star app.

The second thing you can check with your family members or share your account. Maybe some of your family members are using your credit card like Starapp.

You can also contact the star app support through the App Store, where the purchase was made. Provide them details such as the amount of the charges, and ask them to clarify the nature of the transaction.

Dispute the charges with the credit card issue:-If you believe is an unauthorized charge of an incorrect contact credit card disputes it and most credit card companies have handled disputes and often offer you to guide on how to proceed.

How can I cancel my Star app subscription?

  • If you’re using an Android device, then go to subscription on the app Google Play
  • Select the subscription or prepared plan that you want to cancel
  • Tap cancel subscription
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

How can I identify what is the charging on my credit card?

You can easily identify by transaction number once the transaction is made. The receipt is sent to your email so you can check on your email. What is the business name it shows? According to that, you can contact the app.

Final Words

Getting these types of unexpected charges like Starapps charge on credit card can be very surprising sometimes for the new user of the credit card. You can find most of the information on the Internet.

But still, if you’re not able to find it, and then you can contact your bank and credit card provider information they will help you resolve the charges.