Did you see “Optix Medical Supplies Charge” in your bank or credit card statement? If yes then you are not alone here.

To help you in this case our Finclash team conducted research online. This article will discuss “Optix medical supplies charge on credit card”. We will also discuss What is Optix Medical Supplies and why they are charged to your credit card. What to do with it if you don’t grant permission for this charge?

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What is Optix Medical Supplies

Our FInclash team conducted research online as we already said in the article above. We regret to inform you that our Finclash team could not find specific details related to medical supplies. However, we have found some similar names for medical stores and we also found a website of “Optix Medical.”

However, we found that some medical stores are present in California with the name Optix Medical Supplies. We have also found a company called Optix Medical Gummies that supplies keto gummies.

Along with that, we have found the website “Optixmedical.com” Founded by Dr. Isaac Shpantzer, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer and Founder.

What is Optix medical supplies charge on credit card

As we already mentioned above in the article Optix Medical Supplies is a medical store located in the USA. We have found some medical stores in California with this name but they all have some different names.

If you have purchased any medical supplies from medical stores in recent times check whether you or your family used your credit card at the medical store.

If the charged amount and bill amount are verified but the company name you cannot recognize or verify then contact that merchant. Some Merchants can use a parent company or short name for billing purposes. That can make a different name on your credit card statement.

Always double-check your bills and their dates to ensure they match the charged amount. Compare your travel history with your credit card statement. If you spot any suspicious charges or ones you didn’t authorize, it’s crucial to report them.

Scam Alert
Scam Alert

What to do with an Unauthorized charge from Optix medical

When you notice unusual charges on your credit card it is very important to report immediately to your bank or credit card issue and file a complaint against the charge.

Report to your credit card issuer. Your credit card issuer can assist you more and can give you more details about the specific company. Reporting unusual charges could protect you from future scams or a victim of a scam. You can report to FTC.

Remember your quick action can save you from financial loss.

Are Optix medical supplies legitimate?

We cannot determine whether the Optix medical supplies are legit or not as we have found the Optix website but it was not secure. The website does not have “https” lock on its website and only has two pages and does not have any products on its homepage. This website has low traffic.

How to deal with unusual charges on Credit Card

  1. Contact your bank: Call your bank or credit card company right away to report the unauthorized charge. Explain the situation and ask for assistance.
  2. Dispute the charge: Ask your bank to initiate a dispute process to investigate and reverse the unauthorized charge.
  3. Change your card: Consider getting a new card or having your current one reissued to prevent further unauthorized charges.
  4. File a complaint on FTC. Provide all the necessary details. FTC will investigate your allegation against a company.

Remember to act promptly to resolve the issue and protect your finances.

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Wrapping up if you see a charge from “Optix Medical Supplies” on your credit card verify it with your purchase history. If you cannot recognize the charge then report to your bank.