Are you noticing any unfamiliar charges on your credit card statement under the description “Price Prediction Performance, Atlanta, GA“? In this article, we will explore the nature of this charge, why it appears on your credit card, and how to address it.

Many individuals have reported receiving charges from “Purchase Performance Prediction, Atlanta, GA” on their credit cards. Therefore, we must investigate this matter and provide you with insights.

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What is Performance Prediction Atlanta GA

We conducted extensive research and were unable to find a profile for Performance Prediction LLC or information regarding its ownership. Even checking with the Better Business Bureau yielded no results, as there is no website or contact information available. However, there is an address in Atlanta associated with it.

Some articles on the internet mention that Performance Prediction LLC was founded back in 2015. It has various products. All product lists mentioned below

  • PrizePicks
  • SidePrize
  • Rookie of the Year

Some sources mention that “Pricepicks” is an online fantasy game owned by Performance Prediction LLC. However, we were unable to find the Performance Prediction website. It appears that the website may be either temporarily down or potentially blocked by government agencies.

Pricepicks, which is a fantasy gaming platform. If you have used or are currently using Pricepicks for any fantasy games, the charge you’re seeing on your credit card statement may be related to “Pricepicks” from Performance Prediction. As in a Fantasy game, you have to predict a person’s performance.

We recommend verifying this with your credit card issuer and reviewing your statement.

But if you never played the fantasy game of “Pricepicks” and still received a charge on your credit card from the “Price Prediction Performance” group, there may be a possibility of fraudulent activity. Someone could be attempting to steal money from your credit card. Take immediate action to ensure your credit card’s security:

How to deal with unauthorized charge performance prediction atlanta ga

  1. Contact your credit card provider to report the unauthorized charges.
  2. Request a thorough investigation into the charges.
  3. Consider suspending or replacing your credit card if necessary to prevent further unauthorized charges.
  4. Regularly monitor your credit card statements for any suspicious activity.
  5. Ensure your credit card is protected with strong, unique passwords.

By following these steps, you can effectively address and resolve any unauthorized credit card charges. Your financial security is of utmost importance, so be proactive in protecting your accounts.


We shared all the information regarding this charge on the credit card. If you experienced such charges on your credit card and have different insights share them with us.