Some people get credit cards from Koala secure charge on credit card. You are still wondering why these charges are on my credit card. The Koala is a Koala secure VPN, that provides VPN services to customers. They also have a VPN service for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.

This guide will help you understand what Koala Secure charges on a card. How you can dispute charges on credit and Guide help you to investigate charges.

585 Pilot RD Las Vegas Charge on Credit Card

What is Koala Secure

Koala Securely refers to the VPN company providing online security VPN services to customers. 

VPN Services:- Virtual private services that provide a secure Internet connection. There are chances that you have taken any subscription from the secure.

Koala Secure Has 3 Plans Silver, Gold, and Platinum according to devices count amount to varies.

Koala secure charge on credit card

Silver is $19.99 per month, Is 39.99 per month this is for 5 devices, and platinum up to 10 devices. The monthly fee is $59.99.

Is Koala Secure is Legitimate Company?

Yes, Koala Secure is a legitimate company that provides VPN services. If you want to use VPN then you can take any of the services from the website and use a secure connection.

For better understanding, you can ask your family member. Maybe some of them have taken subscriptions from your card without knowing you.  Once confirm with your family members then try to investigate yourself. If still not able to clear then you can contact to bank and your credit card providers.

You can find the credit card customer care number on the back side of your credit card. Your bank and credit card providers have an internal system. In the internal system, they have more information regarding your credit card transaction.

Koala Secure Contact Details

Now if you are thinking how you can contact Koala Secure we have covered for you.

Address:- 1201 N. Orange Street Suite 7409 Wilmington DE 19801-1186

Contact Number:- +1-866-377-9822


Website :-

How to dispute Koala Secure Charges?

If you find that these charges are un-authorized and fraud. In this case, you can contact your bank and credit card provider they will give you information regarding your transaction.

Bank and credit card providers have a process in which they dispute some amount of the credit card user. The customer care number mentions the back side of a credit card so you can contact your customer care.

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Final Words

The Koala secure charge on your credit card is most likely related to the VPN services that you Opt. Maybe some of your family members use by using your credit card.

Your family member is using your VPN services. If none of your family members is using the VPN services then in that case you can contact the bank maybe someone else is using your credit card information to buy a subscription. Koala vpn.