An Actsoft 1 charge on a credit card statement likely indicated the transaction process through Actsoft company which provided a mobile workforce management solution. However, Actsoft itself wouldn’t be the merchant you directly paid for services. Here are some breakdowns to understand the situation.

In this article, we will help you to understand the act of the company. What are the services they provide and how you can dispute your charges?

585 Pilot RD Las Vegas Charge on Credit Card

What is Actsoft 1 Charge on Credit Card?

Actsoft His company provides different types of services to business businesses to help to manage their businesses it includes mobile payment processing.

One of their features is a mobile payment system that allows field service technicians to accept credit card payments from the customer on the spot. So it can be that any technician you have paid by paid bio credit card is using a software so instead of showing the company name it shows the actsoft.

It can be the payment you made by mobile app. You recently made a payment to any service technician from a company that utilizes the Actsoft mobile payment system. This could be anything from your plumber. Electricians to Cable TV solar or appliance repair person.

This might be referred to as the act of a system.

Subscription:- There is a very clear chance that they could be charged. The subscription fee is offered by the company that uses the Act for billing purposes.

Are the Actsoft charges are legit?

The Actsoft company is legit. They are providing services to the customer so it may depend upon your type of transaction that maybe your card has been hacked and someone else is using your credit card.

So for better understanding, you can tell me the charges that you have recently paid to any technician, plumber, or electrician from which you can verify.

How to dispute the Actsoft 1 Charge on Credit Card?

If you were able to identify that the charges are fraud unfamiliar, then the best way to dispute your charges. Contact your bank and credit card provider. The customer care number is mentioned on the back of your credit card so call them and explain the situation. And they will help you dispute your charges.

Final word

Actsoft 1 charge on the credit card is mostly legally legit to the payment you made to any technician or any plumber or any electrician bio credit card and that person may be using a payment processor by the soft company.

In this situation, no need to panic. Just you have to contact your bank and credit card provider. They have more information regarding our charges and the business name where you made the payment and they will help you to reverse your charges.