Hey did you receive a charge on your credit card with the description “Gobrands Inc.“?

Don’t panic if you read this article and after that, you will realize that it is a normal credit card charge. We are uncovering what to do when someone has taken your credit card details and received a “Gobarnds Inc.” Charge.

We will discuss this charge and also we will check the legitimacy of this credit card charge.

What is Gobrands Inc

Gobrands is a retail company that is doing business with the name”GoPuff”. It is an American Consumer goods company that offers food delivery services in the United States.

As of now, its service is available in 650 US cities.

You can purchase groceries, snacks, drinks, alcohol, tobacco, and personal care items from Gopuff.

GoPuff promises to deliver your product in 30 Minutes which is amazing.GoPuff has more than 4,000 products on its platform.

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How to Contact Gobrands Inc

You can get in touch with Gobrands or Gopuff by email or by visiting their website. We have shared company details in the below table.

Official Website https://www.gopuff.com/
Founded year 2013 by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev

You can visit the GoPuff Contact Us page for Inquiries.

What is Gobarnds Inc. Charge on Credit Card

Check that you ordered any item from Gopuff on that day or not. Verify with the bills and credit card statements.

Also, check with your family members whether they used your credit card at Gobarnds Inc.

The charge Appearing on your credit card may be due to an “item” ordered from Gobuff.

Also if you are 100% sure you have not purchased anything from Gobrands Inc.

In that case, some scammers can also get your Gopuff Account or credit card details so we will discuss both cases and how to deal with it.


Case-1 -Unknown device is logged in your Gopuff Account.

If you are an Existing customer of Gopuff check your account history of what you have ordered.

Match it with your credit card statement. Also, check that no one has your GoPuff” Account login. If you find an unknown device log in to your GoPuff account. Immediately log out from all the devices and change your password.

Contact GoPuff customer support and file a complaint online to their portal.

If a scammer got your “Gopuff” Account he might be checking if your credit card is available to shop on “Gopuff”. He made a minor purchase with your credit card. That’s why you could not recognize the charge on your credit card.

Case-2- If Scammer Got Your Credit Card Information

If you could not recognize the charge by Gopuff and verify all the bills and could not find out what you have purchased.

This charge is due to someone purchased with your credit card. Your credit card security is compromised. So Scammers do small transactions to check that your credit card is active or not.

After that, they can make a huge purchase or sell it.

In the case of an Unauthorized charge report it to your bank or credit card issuer.

How to Deal with Gobarnds Inc. Charges on Credit Card

Above in the article we have discussed cases why you received a charge from “GoPuff” on your credit card. If its authenticity is verified then don’t worry it’s normal.

However, in the case of an unauthorized charge, you have to take immediate action against this charge.

  • Report to the bank or Credit Card issuer.
  • Ask to block your existing credit card.
  • Also, report this unusual charge to “Gobrands” or Gopuff.
  • File a complaint to FTC.


Hopes that you have got all the answers on “Gobarnds Inc. Charge on Credit Card”. You can always dispute unauthorized charges on your credit card.


Gobarnds Inc. is a legit company?

Yes, Gobarnds Inc. is a legitimate company.

Gobarnds Inc. and Gopuff are the same company?

Yes, Gopuff is owned by Gobrands.

Why did I receive a charge from Gobarnds Inc. on my credit card?

This could be due to that you purchased something from “Gopuff”. This charge can be also an unauthorized charge.

How to verify a charge is unauthorized?

If you could not find any bill or could not match the bill amount with the bill.