Have you noticed an unexpected charge from Luxtonicware on Your Credit Card Statement? Many people find this confusing as it appears to be associated with a software company, yet some suggest it might be linked to a Canadian pharmacy.

With no official website available, these charges can look suspicious. In this article, we’ll help you understand possible reasons for the Luxtonicware charge, and guide you on how to dispute and potentially refund these charges.

What is a Koala Secure Charge on Credit Card?

What is Luxtonicware Charge on Credit Card?

You may also be wondering, ‘What is Luxtonicware?’ After extensive research, we have found no company or official entity by this name. This lack of information makes these charges particularly concerning.

Luxtonicware charges could be due to:

Software Services Company: It might be a company providing software solutions and services. Users who have purchased software or related services might see this charge on their statements.

Pharmacy Products: Some reports suggest that it could be linked to a pharmacy, possibly a Canadian pharmacy, which sells various pharmaceutical products.

Fraudulent Charges: There are reports from users indicating that the charges might be fraudulent. This could mean that the name “Luxtonicware” is being used in scam activities where unauthorized charges are made on credit cards.

No Official Website: The absence of an official website or clear online presence makes it difficult to verify the legitimacy of “Luxtonicware.” This lack of transparency often raises suspicions and concerns among those who find the charge in their statements.

How can you dispute the charges?

If you find that the charges are fraud and unauthorized then, in that case, you can dispute the charges, there is a process where you can easily dispute your charges.

You can contact your bank and credit card provider, bank and credit card. They have a separate process of disputing your charges so provide them with full information regarding your charges. They will help you to dispute your charges.

Can I Get a Refund?

Refunding your amount can depend upon the businesses where you have purchased your product or any type of service. If they have a refund policy, then they will refund your money.

Refund also has the same process that you have to contact the particular business businesses or you can read their policy the best way you can contact them is by call or email.

Luxtonicware Reviews

Some people reported that these charges were by a team company that committed fraud.


According to the Vcharges Website, 72 users reported that these charges were found and 12 users found that charges are safe.

Luxtonicware Charges on Credit Cards Legit?

If you have charges from the Canada cloud pharmacy then it could be legit because the website is genuine as it has good monthly traffic and a good domain authority website you can also ask your family member. 

Maybe someone else is using your credit card without informing you.

You still find that the transition is not done by you and someone else is using your credit card. It means your credit card information has been compromised so better to contact your credit card and bank.


Refunding or disputing your charges is the best way to contact your credit card because every bank and credit card provider has their different process for disputing the charges so they will help you to dispute your charges.


What are Luxtonisware charges on your credit card?

There is no official website for Luxtonicware. So these charges may be related to the software companies or Canada Pharmacy.

Luxtonicware refund my credit card charges?

if found the reason behind your Luxtonicware charges then you can ask for a refund. if they have a policy to refund charges then they will refund your amount according to policy.