Have you seen “Workpoints charge on credit card“? Afraid not you are not alone in this charge many other people found similar charges on credit cards. People who faced this charge on their credit card statements shared in online platforms.

Our Finclash team conducted online and offline research to find out what is about it why this charge is appearing on the credit card and if there is any business registered with this name.

What is Workpoints

If you Google with word “Workpoint” you will find a business name “Workpoint”. As per the Workpoint website they automation solutions for businesses.

Workpoint is a digital business automation software offering advanced workflow management, customer communication, compliance management, and collaborative enterprise governance. It serves Fortune 500 clients in various industries, including security, compliance, and healthcare. Workpoint 365 integrates with Microsoft 365, managing projects, cases, employee files, and company policies.

We could not find any other restaurants and small business shops. This charge could be due to the workpoint services you are using.

How to contact Workpoints company

You can contact Workpoints by telephone or visit their website. Below are more details of the workpoints company that we found on the internet.

Company Name: Workpoint LLC

Website: https://www.workpoint.com/

11650 Miracle Hills Drive Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68154
phone: +1.402.964.1996
toll-free: +1.888.748.2755
customer support: +1.877.813.2647

How to Find Unauthorized Workpoint Charges on Credit Cards

If you cannot recognize a merchant or after searching it online. Then you might be more confused and worrying more about this charge. The reason behind that you could not recognize a merchant because they might be using a different name for billing or a short name.

It is very important to detect unauthorized charges on your credit card is essential for safeguarding your financial security.

By following these steps, you can identify and address any suspicious or unauthorized transactions promptly, preventing potential financial losses and protecting your credit. Here are the key points to help you spot unauthorized charges on your credit cards:

Workpoints charge on credit card
  • Use a search engine to look up the words in the description of the charge on your account specifically as they appear.
  • Review Statements: Regularly examine your credit card statements for unfamiliar or suspicious transactions.
  • Set Up Alerts: Use account alerts to receive notifications for unusual activity, helping you spot unauthorized charges quickly.
  • Check Online Account: Monitor your credit card account online to track real-time transactions.
  • Investigate Unusual Charges: Scrutinize small or cryptic transactions, and compare them with your receipts.
  • Contact Your Card Issuer: Report any unauthorized or suspicious charges to your credit card issuer and work with them to resolve the issue.

The large number of credit card transactions that take place every day make mistakes unavoidable. You can, however, challenge charges that you don’t recognize as a cardholder. Before initiating a dispute, it is crucial to backtrack.

Scammers also do this activity to get money from your credit card. Scammers use a company fake email and generate fake SMS before responding to any SMS Check in your bank and credit card statements.

You can read our article on how to protect yourself from credit card scams.

How to deal with Unauthorized charge

If you have thoroughly looked into the transaction and cannot identify the charge, there may have been a mistake or fraud. In either scenario, it’s critical to get in touch with your credit card company right away.

Normally, you must register a non-fraudulent challenge within 60 days of the charge’s appearance on your account. Notably, fraudsters frequently make modest, undetectable purchases to check the legitimacy of a card.

They may proceed to sell the card information on the illegal market after approval. Therefore, prompt reporting and card locking are advised if you notice even a small number of unauthorized charges.

In Summary

It is very important to check all the receipts and track your activity to dispute a credit card charge. Contact your bank and report an unauthorized credit card charge. Your bank or credit card issuer is the one who can help you out immediately and you could also get a refund for the charges amount.