Looking for the details of the “Cedar Cares charge on Credit Card“?This article is for you.

Have you seen a charge on your credit card statement with the merchant name “Cedar Care“?This charge is very common if you use a healthcare service in the United States and process payment with the healthcare system.

You might also be wondering why Cedar Care charged on your credit card. In some health emergencies, we use our credit cards to pay healthcare bills and forget about the transaction.

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What is Cedar Cares

Cedar Cares is a Healthcare Technology Company. Cedar Care has a mission to make healthcare affordable, and accessible for everyone. Cedar Care is a payment processing platform for healthcare systems and patients.

Cedar Care was founded in 2016 by Florian Otto and Arel Lidow.

Why I’m Getting Charged on My Credit Card by Cedar Care

There are several reasons that you are getting charged on your credit card by “Cedar Care”. We will discuss one by one.

Check that you paid a healthcare bill in the recent time. If you paid a medical bill to the healthcare system. As we already shared in the article Cedar Care is a payment processing platform. Cedar Care Process payments on behalf of healthcare systems. Many healthcare systems in the United States are using Cedar Care as a Payment processor.

So when you make any payment using your credit card the charge can appear with Cedar care description.

Cedar does not charge any payment processing fees for patients. So the payment you paid to the hospital appears as Cedar Care in the description of your statement.

If you are thinking about how Cedar Care got your credit card information, the reason is very simple they get your information from the healthcare system as they are a Payment processor.

How to Contact Cedar Care

You can contact Cedar Care if having any trouble with the billing of your healthcare bills. We have mentioned all the contact details in the table. You can visit them at the office or visit the website.

CompanyCedar Care
Official Website https://www.cedar.com/
Address 32 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

How do I Know From Which Hospital my charge is coming?

Now you have the answer to why you received a charge from “Cedar Care”. However, you might also be thinking how would I know from which hospitals I received this charge? To identify a hospital check your visiting history of the hospital but if you forget that you can check your credit card statement and note the charge description.

Search the same description on search engines like Google and Bing.

Check your Email. Search for Hospital. After the successful payment hospitals mail your receipts to your Mail ID. if you find the hospital name but have not received a receipt of payments you can contact the hospital and ask for your receipts after sharing details.

What to do If you See an Unfamiliar Entity in your bill My Hospital Visit

This case can also happen if Healthcare providers sometimes partner with clinical services providers for physician staffing, and Cedar handles payment processing on behalf of them.

However, if you have not paid any bill to Hospitals then this could be a case of unauthorized charge on your credit card. So contact your bank or credit card issuer. Learn how to deal with unauthorized charges.


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Is Cedar Care Legit?

Yes, Cedar Care is a legitimate company.

What does Cedar Care Do?

Cedar Care is a Payment Processing company. It helps healthcare systems with payment processing.

Cedar Cares Charge on Credit Card is legit?

If you paid to any hospital, then it is legit.

What to do if I’m not sure about this charge?

Contact Cedar Care support or your credit card issuer support.