Hello friends, have you seen any advertisement on the internet from the American Emergency Fund promising that you can get more than a 5000$ loan?

After watching this advertisement you may start thinking like me “Is the American Emergency Fund legit or a Scam“. Our Finclash team conducted online research to find out more about American emergency loans so that we can share our honest review with you.

American Emergency Fund Website

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What is the American Emergency Fund

American Emergency Fund is a new website that promises you can get a loan of more than 5000$. If you go through every privacy and disclaimer section of the website, you will find that it is not a lender.

This website collects your requirements and shares them with their partner lenders, although they also mention that they do not guarantee that you will get the loan.

The American Emergency Fund website is well-designed. If you visit the website you will find that they created everything like an official website.

Let’s have a look to what are the suspicious things we have found on the website” Americanemergencyfund”.

Is the American Emergency Fund Legit?

American Emergency Fund website appears a good website but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore all the red flags in the company. We have checked the truspilot website regarding the reviews of “American Emergency Fund” You will be surprised this website has not had a single review till now.

No reviews on Trustpilot

So “American Emergency Fund” is not a legit website. Do not apply for a loan from the “American Emergency Fund”. So stay away from it. If you apply for the loan you may become a victim of a loan scam.

Red Flags in American Emergency Fund

When you are in trouble and need an emergency fund sometimes you may apply for a loan without knowing much about the company after some time you realize that you made a huge mistake.

These mistakes can cause you financial destruction. Which can lead to a tough situation. So before applying for any loan from any company don’t trust their social media advertisement.

You may have seen the advertisement on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or other social media apps that “American Emergency Fund” can give you a loan of up 5000 $. American Emergency Fund website also mentions that you can get a loan of up to 35,000 $.

That doesn’t sound fishy to you.

We have found some Red flags in the company so read carefully. So you can save yourself from a financial disaster.

  • American Emergency Fund: This is a new website and registered in Jan 2023.
  • We have not found any ownership of the website.
  • They are not a lender so they cannot guarantee you will get the loan after applying.
  • They share your details with lenders but the website does not specify lender details.
  • They do not specify the interest rates.
  • The website also does not mention how you will repay the loan.
American Emergency Fund
Owner Used Identity Protection Service to Hide details.

The registered office on the website is “2480 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles CA 90064“. If you check the address given on the website, you will find that there is no office of “AmericanEmergencyFund” there.

The website does not charge you fees for using it. But the thing is that is why they started a business when they are not charging from the customer. That means they are getting commissions from lenders.

If you apply for a loan this website’s lender partner will offer you the loan at more interest than other lenders. Do not apply for loan from the website.

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Is it safe to apply for a loan?

We have shared the red flags of the company. You should contact reputed and well-established lenders directly. Also website does not mention any repayment structure of the loan so their lenders can have hidden fees and higher interest rates than others.

Eventually, you will be losing your hard-earned money.

You should select a reputable loan source so that you can comfortably repay the loan and avoid incurring excessive hidden charges. Instead of applying for loans via the American Emergency Fund website, choose reputable lenders who will lend you money directly.

Before accepting a loan offer, take the time to thoroughly investigate it.


American Emergency Fund does not have more authority and it is not a direct lender. The company does not specify the lenders and interest rates at which you will get the loan. So stay away from these types of websites.


American Emergency Fund is a new business.

Yes, this website was registered in Jan 2023.

It is safe to take a loan from the American Emergency Fund?

The website has more red flags so avoid taking a loan from it.

American Emergency Fund legit?

American Emergency Fund is not Legit. We have shared all the suspicious elements of the website.