Did you see a charge on your credit card with the description” 30 Rockefeller Plaza“? If yes and you are looking for the answer what is about this charge and why you are charged on a credit card? 

In recent years as technology has grown fast and scams are at peak level we have to identify the legit charges and the unusual activity in the credit card or bank statement or any other bank-related process.

Our Finclash Team conducted research and collected all the details about 30 Rockefeller Plaza and why they are charging on credit cards.

This charge is appearing for many users in NYC along with American people let’s have a look at what is 30 Rock Fellerplaza.

What is 30 Rockefeller plaza

30 Rockefeller Plaza is a skyscraper building in New York City. This building is located in Midtown Manhattan and it was completed in 1933 its building height is 850 ft.

30 Rockefeller Plaza is best known for being the headquarters of NBCUniversal. It houses NBC Studios, NBC News, MSNBC, and network flagship station WNBC. The building is also home to several other companies, including Comcast, Tishman Speyer, and Atlassian.

This building has some restaurants and other leasing space for commercial businesses such as NBC or many more offices such as Deloitte, Oxygen Media, Meriwether Capital, Lazard, and L Catterton.

This building is available for commercial lease and many offices are located in this building.

What is 30 Rockefeller Charge on Credit Card

As we have already discussed the many offices and third-party companies and restaurants are located in this building. It is possible that the service or any product you purchase from them is the reason behind the charge on your credit.

NBC Universal is the main tenant at 30 Rockefeller Plaza so it can be due to the services provided by NBC Universal such as peacock streaming video streaming services in the United States, Italy, and Switzerland.

As it is a video streaming platform you may have bought or purchased a Peacock subscription plan or your family member used your credit card to subscribe the Peacock Video Streaming.

Peacock price starts from $5.99 every month.

How Charge can appear

This charge can appear in various names some of the names and descriptions are mentioned below.

  • 30Rockefeller Plaza
  • pos debit 30 rockefeller plaza charge
  • pos debit 30 rockefeller plaza new york ny
  • 30 rockefeller plaza charge peacock
  • 2126640138 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York
  • peacock 30 Rockefeller plaza
  • 30 rockefeller plaza new york nyus
  • debit 30 rockefeller plaza new york

How to Contact Peacock

You can contact Peacock TV by visiting their official website.

What you can do now

Review your credit card or bank statement after that verify it with your bills and where you traveled on that day and ask your family member whether they have used your credit card or not.

All verification you have done. If you find that this payment is not done by you report it immediately to your bank or credit card issuer. They will cancel your credit card to prevent you from further loss of charges.


Hope that you have all the information about this charge. However, if we have missed your question you can ask in the comment section.